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The London Eye- video and questions

1 How long does the London eye have permission to stay for ?

2.Which celebration does the London Eye offer a special  event for?

3. The London Eye is next to ....

4. When did the London Eye start operating ?

5.What building is   not north  of the London Eye?

6.What is the London Eye ?

7. Why was the Eye Built ?

Intro to Britain - video -worksheets


Invite a friend to spend a weekend with you in Ceuta

Hello Elvira. I'm going to invite you to my house, here in Ceuta. You live in Valladolid, so  to come to here  first  of all  you need to catch  the plane . When you  arrive in  Algeciras and you'll take the boat. I'll wait for you at the port and I'll pick you up there . Here in Ceuta we can do a lot of things .
 The best season to come is in summer. In summer you can do more  things. We can get up at eleven o' clock. We can go to the Mediterranean Park or to the beach. We can go shopping  for clothes, to the city centre, to museums, hiking, to the cinema and things like that.
I'll  be waiting  for you here.
¡Have a good trip!

Dear Jesus.
If you want to visit Ceuta you'll need to cross the straights of Gibraltar. And you will  need to bring  sun cream, a guide book and some clothes as well and a very importatnt thing: your  swimsuit. We  are  going to visit, The  king's square. The beaches, the Dead  woman , the Mount Hacho and one of my favourite places in town, Alfonso Murube's footbal stadium. Ceuta is a very interesting city to visit. This city has many interesting places to visit, when you are here we're going to do paintball in a place called "Paintball Ceuta". If you forget anything go to Eroski shopping centre.
Have a good trip, Edu.

My "All Saints Day"

I didn't go to the countryside. I stayed at home . In the morning, I got up very early and I went with my father. We went for a walk . Later we went to a cafe and we had breakfast , but I only drank a glass of milk. In the afternoon, firstly I had lunch with my family and then I played computer games with my brother and ate sweets as well. Then I went to my grandmother's house, to visit her. My brother and I played in the garden with a ball and had snacks. In the evening we stayed at my grandmother's house and we had dinner. It was a fantastic day.

I got up at half past ten in the morning and I had breakfast. Then I talked with my friend. At half past one we collected my friend and we went to the countryside. We walked for about an hour and then we decided to have lunch. At three o' clock we finished lunch. And then we took some  photos .When we finished it was half past three or four o' clock. We walked through San Amaro Park  with my parents . We saw a lot of people and we ate some sweets. At six o' clock, we were at home. I had a shower and then we went to my friend's house. We had dinner, and we went again to the mountain with her sister. At three o' clock we decided to go to bed becasuse we were  tired. We had a very good time.

I went to the square  with my friends  called Alba and Paola, my neighbour. We stayed in my block of flats and we listened to music. Then , we went for a walk for 30 mimutes. We went to the Sardinero. We went on  a slide. Whle playing  with a ball and we listened to music again. At nine o' clock we went to my house and we drank some water. Then , we went to my square  again and we played basketball and football. At half past ten I went to my house and I watched TV.

I got up at eleven o' clock. I had breakfast and I prepared my rucksack , I put a sandwich , crisps and some dried  fruits. At one o' clock we went to the countryside . I went with all my family , cousins , aunts , uncles and grandparents because it was my father's 50 birthday. We went for  dinner at night time . I took  photos with my cousins and their  friends. I had a great time.

The Three Graces or the three ugly sisters

For a century, ships  sailing into the Mersey port have been greeted by the majestic Three Graces. The Royal Liver Building and its less famous sisters, the Cunard and Port of Liverpool buildings, have dominated the skyline and earned the waterfront international recognition in the form of Unesco World Heritage Site 

From left to right 
The Three Graces of the world famous Liverpool Waterfront 
 The Royal Liver Building (1908-11) by Walter Aubrey Thomas,
 The Cunard Building (1914-16) by Willinck & Thicknesse with Arthur J. Davis 
The Port of Liverpool building  (1903-07) by Briggs & Wolstenholme with Hobbs & Thornely. 

The Royal Liver Building was, for a short time, the tallest building in Europe – when its 90 metre height was reached in 1911. It took 4 years to build . Once the home to the Royal Liver Assurance group.The Copper Liver Birds on top, by George Cowper  face outwards to the river and inwards to the city – and rise to 18 feet. Should they leave their place, it’s said,  that the city will fall. It has ten floors.

Cunard Building , constructed  / built between 1914 and 1916 . It is the former headquarters of the Cunard Lineshipping company. It is built in the Italian Palazzo style inspired by the Farnese Palace in Rome. 

The Port of Liverpool Building was erected  / built as the head office of the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board. It was designed by Briggs, Wolstenholme and Thorneley following an architectural  competition    in 1901. It is a monumental structure in the Edwardian Baroque style with pediments and tall lantern towers. . The iconic dome has been returned to its former glory, with its inner glass and marble cleaned and restored for the first time since the building was damaged in the Blitz. / war 

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: Lifecycle Video

This is _______.
 you life
 you're life
 your life

Do it ____

If you don't like your job, _____ !

We are _____ in our differences

Some opportunities only come once _____ them

_______ will help you find yourself
 Getting loose
 Getting lose
 Getting lost

When you eat, appreciate every _____
 last bite
 last bit
 last bitten

Ask the next person you see what ___________ is
 their ration
 their nation
 their passion

Share your _____ with them
 inspired dream
 inspirational dream
 inspiring dream

Life is about _____ you meet
 the person
 the people
 the pupil

And the things you _____ with them

So _____ and start creating
 go on
 go in
 go out

The correct answers are in comentario

Top 10 Attractions London - UK Travel Guide


The first church in St. Paul 's location was built...
 in 1988
 in the 7th century
 in the 14th century

Trafalgar Square is...
 in central London
 in the north of London
 near the river

Two great ways to tour the city are...
 a double decker cruise and a river bus
 a double decker bus and a river cruise
 a duble decker bus and a taxi tour

Nowadays, Trafalgar Square is...
 a vegetable market
 a vegetable garden
 a hub of restaurants, pubs and shops

The Tower of London was built...
 900 years ago
 100 years ago
 300 years ago

London Bridge has got...
 1 tower in the middle
 2 towers, at right and left
 2 towers in the middle

Houses of Parliament are also known as...
 Parliament House
 Westminster House
 Westminster Palace

At Buckingham Palace...
 gardens are not to be missed
 changing of the guard is not to be missed
 changing of the guard is not interesting at all

london eye was created...
 for the millennium celebration
 for the Queen's jubilee
 for the Olympic Games


Hey, it is your host, Naomi. I would like to show you the top 10 attractions of London.

#10: St. Paul's Cathedral - the seat of the bishop of London today. Five churches have been built here, with the first one in the 7th century.

#9: Trafalgar Square - a famous square in central London. At the center is Nelson Square, surrounded by fountains.

#8: The double decker bus - Take a ride in this London icon, a great way to tour the city.

#7: The Thames River cruise - Experience the city by water. Many of London's attractions are visible from the cruise.

#6: Covent Garden - Literally a vegetable garden in the middle ages, today it is a hub of restaurants, pubs and shops.

#5: Tower of London - Built over 900 years ago, it is a historic landmark. Take a guided tour and learn about its many secrets.

#4: London Bridge - one of the world's most famous bridges. Constructed in 1894, it is an engineering marvel.

#3: Houses of Parliament - Also known as Westminster Palace, it is the seat of London's House of Lords and House of Commons.

#2: Buckingham Palace - This is the residence of the British monarch. The changing of the guard is not to be missed.

#1: The London Eye - Created for the millennium celebration, one of the world's largest ferris wheels is a site to behold.

Thank you for watching our travel video series. See you next time.

Schools in England

London - video and worksheets

Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King Liverpool

This Cathedral was designed by architect Sir Frederick Gibberd. It took 5 years to build and it was opened in 1967. It´s one of Liverpool´s more popular landmarks. The cathedral is colloquially known as "Paddy´s Wigwam". It is called this because it is like a giant concret tent and because an Irish person is colloquially called Paddy. The building´s unusual circular design is topped by a conical turret ringed with spires. The circular lantern at the top of the turret is circled with stained-glass windows. The Metropolitan Catholic Cathedral is a modernist contrast in architectural style.


Liverpool Church of England Cathedral

Liverpool´s Church of England is the second longest cathedral in the world, with 189 metres. Liverpool Cathedral is the fifth-largest cathedral in the world with 150 metres. It was built over 74 years from 1904. This full name is "The Cathedral Church of Christ". It was completed in 1978 and it was opened in October 25 of the same year. It's under-tower vault is the highest in the world.

It's bells are the highest and heaviest chime in the world. There are two pipe organs in Liverpool Cathedral. The Grand Organ is the largest in the UK and is thought to be the largest operational church organ in the world with 10,268 pipes.

Liverpool's Liver Buildings: Going Behind the Clocks

First just listen to the video
Now read the questions
Listen again to answer the questions
Listen to the video as many times necessary

1.  How many clocks faces are there on Liverbirds building tower ?

2.  When was the Liver  Building formal1y opened ?

3.  What did people think that the building would be called once it was built ?

4.  How many floors are there in Liver Building ?

5. How much do the clocks weigh ?

6. What creatures are on the Liver Towers ?

7. What are the hands of the clock  made of  ?

8. Why are some of the glasses panes different colours?

Widnes in the north-west of England

Spike Island, WidnesWidnes is an industrial town in the borough of Halton, in Cheshire England. It´s population is of 57,663 in 2004. It is located on the northern bank of the River Mersey where the estuary narrows .  It is 16 miles to the west of the city of Liverpool.

 Widnes  was invaded  by the Vikings in  the ninth century . They sailed up the River Mersey, killed the Anglo Saxon population and formed a settlement named Vidnes (meaning wide nose or tree-covered promontory) on the river's headland. At this time, the Mersey marked the boundary between the Anglo Saxon kingdom of Mercia and the Viking Danelaw. Widnes was a small number of separate settlements on land which was mainly marsh or moorlands 

Widnes Runcorn BridgeLater  the  Industrial Revolution came. In 1847 the first chemical factory was built  and the town rapidly became a major centre of the chemical industry. The demand for labour was met by the immigration into Widnes of large numbers of workers from Ireland, Poland, Lithuania and Wales. 

The name on the crest "Industria Ditat" is Latin for “Industry Enriches”. the crest represented the Widnes chemical industries, of which Widnes is well known worldwide. The honey bees and the bee hives represented the workers of Widnes

At the airport =checking in

topic: At the airport 1 (Looking for the check-in desk)

Choose the correct words/phrases to complete the following conversation at the airport:

YOU: Hi, where's the check-in ________________ for American Airlines?

AIRPORT WORKER: That's in terminal 2. This is terminal 1.

YOU:. Is there a ________________ that goes between terminals?
  shuttle bus

AIRPORT WORKER: Yes, there's one right in front here.

YOU: ________________to the taxi stand?

AIRPORT WORKER: Yes, that's right.

YOU:. Thanks. How much time ________________ to check in? ( = How much time before my flight should I check in?)
  will I let
  should I allow
  can I take

AIRPORT WORKER: If you're on an international flight I believe you have to check-in 3 hours before your flight.

YOU:. And for ________________ flights?

AIRPORT WORKER: On those flights you have to check in 1 and a half hours before.

topic: At the airport 2 (At the check-in desk)

Choose the correct words/phrases to complete the following conversation at the airport:

CHECK-IN WORKER: Hello. Where are you flying today?

YOU: Hi, ________________ to London, England.
  I fly
  to fly
  I'm flying

CHECK-IN WORKER: Can I see your ticket and your passport, please?

YOU: Sure. Here's my passport. And here's my ________________.
  online purchase

CHECK-IN WORKER: Thank you. Would you like a window seat?

YOU: No, I'd like an ________________ seat please.
  open passage

CHECK-IN WORKER: OK, and is all this luggage yours?

YOU: These ________________ are mine.
  two luggages
  two bags
  two baggages

CHECK-IN WORKER: All right. One of your bags is overweight... I'm going to have to charge you for the excess weight.

YOU: I see. How much ________________ do I have to pay? And can I pay by   credit card?

CHECK-IN WORKER: 30 euros more, sir, and yes, we do accept credit cards.

topic: At the airport 3 (At the check-in desk)

Choose the correct words/phrases to complete the following conversation at the airport:

CHECK-IN WORKER: Hi. Where are you flying today?

YOU: Hi, I'm flying to Miami, but I need a ticket... Can I ________________ here?
  buy one

CHECK-IN WORKER: No, you'll have to go to the ticket counter... That's over in terminal 3.

YOU: How _________________?
  do I get there
  do I come to it
  can I be there

CHECK-IN WORKER: You can walk there. The terminals are connected. Just turn right and go all the way to end of this terminal and you'll be in Terminal 3.


YOU: Hi there. I ________________ a ticket here?
  told me that I can
  will buy
  was told I could buy

TICKET COUNTER WORKER: Yes you can. Where to?

YOU: I need a ticket to Miami, please, for today _______________.
  if possible
  can be

TICKET COUNTER WORKER: All right.... Yes, I can get you on the flight at 7:00 PM tonight, which arrives in Miami at 10:00 PM. This ticket is $650.

YOU: Do you have anything ________________?
  so expensive

TICKET COUNTER WORKER: No, not on such short notice, sir. That's the lowest price I can get you for today or tomorrow.

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Video - A quick tour of Liverpoool

Visit Britain Podcast - Liverpool



1 Where is Liverpool?

2 In what year was Liverpool the city of culture?

3 What is the name of one of the most famous groups in Lverpool?

4 Where did the band play?

5 What is "The Beatles Story" about? Where can you find it?

6 What are the names of some of the places, which you can visit, from their songs?

7 In what year was John Lennon born?

8 Why was Liverpool famous in the past?

9 What have they developed the port of Liverpool into now?

10 What is the name of the famous landmark down by the port?

11 What is the name of the river by the port?

12 What is the name of the port where the ferries leave?

13 What are the people from Liverpool called?

14 Name three museums in the centre of Liverpool.

15 What is The World Museum about?

16 How many cathedrals are there in Liverpool?

17 What is the name of the street between the two cathedrals?

18 What is the Church of England Cathedral made of?

19 What are the names of the two footbal teams?

20 What does popular legend say about the mythical "Liver Birds"?

-Some of the questions appear in the video and others are to be found on Internet.
The answers will be on a coment below.

Liverpool is a city and metropolitan borough of Merseyside, England, along the eastern side of the Mersey Estuary. It was founded as a borough in 1207 and was granted city status in 1880. Liverpool is the fourth largest city in the United Kingdom and has a population of 435,500, and lies at the centre of the wider Liverpool Urban Area, which has a population of 816,216.

Historically a part of Lancashire, the urbanisation and expansion of Liverpool were largely brought about by the city's status as a major port. By the 18th century, trade from the West Indies, Ireland and mainland Europe coupled with close links with the Atlantic Slave Trade furthered the economic expansion of Liverpool. By the early 19th century, 40% of the world's trade passed through Liverpool's docks, contributing to Liverpool's rise as a major city.

Inhabitants of Liverpool are referred to as Liverpudlians but are also known as "Scousers", in reference to the local dish known as "scouse", a form of stew. The word "Scouse" has also become synonymous with the Liverpool accent and dialect. Liverpool's status as a port city has contributed to its diverse population, which, historically, were drawn from a wide range of peoples, cultures, and religions, particularly those from Ireland. The city is also home to the oldest Black African community in the country and the oldest Chinese community in Europe.

The popularity of The Beatles and the other groups from the Merseybeat era contributes to Liverpool's status as a tourist destination; tourism forms a significant part of the city's modern economy. In 2007 the city celebrated its 800th anniversary, and in 2008 it held the European Capital of Culture title together with Stavanger, Norway.

In 2004, several areas throughout the city centre were granted World Heritage Site status by UNESCO. Referred to as the Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City, the site comprises six separate locations in the city including the Pier Head, Albert Dock and William Brown Street and includes many of the city's most famous landmarks.

Playing cards

Here we have the Ace ,King , Queen , Jack and ten of hearts

This suit is clubs

 These are spades

There are four suits ; spades , diamonds ,clubs , hearts.

In a deck / Pack of cards there are 52 cards.

to shuffle the cards

to give out the cards

a person deals the cards clockwise

you cant look at the cards

set of cards

a run of cards


                          GIN RUMMY (A CARD GAME)

The aim of the game is to put the cards into sets or runs

1. Shuffle the cards
2. Deal out the cards from the left
3. Give each person seven cards
4. Each player takes a card either from the pile or the card which is face up. Then drop a card/ choose a card from his hand to discard. 
5.The first person to have a winning combination in her hand is the winner.

5. The first person with a set an a run is the winner to do it is the winner

Inside Liverpool Museum - video listening comprehesion

1. Where would you find information about Liverpool artists , musicians and writers?

2.  The film  about  what it feels like to be a football fan is called ?

3. How many galleries are open on the ground floor ?

4. Which floor of the museum isnt opened yet ?

5. Which is the biggest floor in the museum ?

6. What is the East meets West exhibition about ?

7. What is the gallery that is targeted at small children called ?

8. What type of bird might you find in the Liverpool museum?

Shopping in Liverpool

                                               Shopping in Liverpool - Gap Fill Exercise


Last Sunday, I went shopping 1)_____the Albert Dock. I caught a bus 2)_____ Liverpool city 3)________and then walked to the Albert Dock 4)_______the bus station.
The Albert Dock is a 5)________ shopping centre, close 6)______ the 7)___  Mersey. There are lots of 8)_____, there, as well as shops .While I was 9)_____ , I ran 10)______my friend Ana and Benny.They were planning to 11)____ the Merseyside Martine Museum .They 12)____me if I wanted to join them,and I said yes The Museum was very 13)_____. We had a nice time there and I 14)______  a lot about Liverpool `s 15)______.

A video about the Beatles

1. Which Beatle grew up in a former council house in Forthlin road ?

2. The house where John Lennon grew up is in .....?

3. What does the barber in Penny Lane keep according to the song  ?

4. In their early days the Beatles used to play at ?

5.  What was the name of the Band John Lennon played in before he joined the Beatles  ?

 6. Who  was the Beatles drummer before Ringo star?