jueves, 26 de febrero de 2015

Something about me.

Hi! My name is Romaisa. I'm 13 years old. I live in Ceuta, a small city in the North of Africa. I study an the Abyla's High school, I'm in 2nd of E.S.O. I'm a good student. I love studying. My favourite subject is maths because I find it very easy. My other favourite subject is English. I learn English at school and at the Academy too. I started learning English when I was 4 years old and at the Academy when I was 6 years old. Also I love listening to music. My favourite kind of music is pop and rock too. In my free time I listen to One Direction's songs. I love this band very much . I have  a lot of things of this band. Also I know a lot about them. Apart from One Direction and studying I love my family very much. They are very important. In my family we are, my parents my three sisters, my brother and I. My favourite one is my younger sister Maisae because she is very soft and lovely.



Hi, my name is Paula. I'm 13 years old. My birthday is on 26th October. I have a sister, Maite, we are identical twins.
My father's name is Plácido. He is a policeman. My mother's name is Margot. She is a nurse, and she is working in the hospital. I have got long brown cUrly hair and I'm short. I like going to the cinema, going out with my friends and travelling. I love listening to music. My favourite bands: Auryn, Sweet California and Midnight Red, The most important band is Auryn for me.

Paula, twin

Hello! My name is Juan Jesús. I am 13 years old and this is my life:
I am from Malaga but I live in Ceuta. It´s a great city with a lot of beaches, lots of shopping centres and swimming pools. In Caballa´s swimming pool I train waterpolo. I like it so much because I love swiming. When I was 6 months old, my mother took me to the Diaflor's swimming pooltyo swim. I swam all year. I play waterpolo all week except at the weekend. I love ''Caballa's team'' because we were the 4th best team in Spain. We are incredible .
At school Italk a lot whith my friends, but I sometimes play football with them. I sometimes don't have time to do my homework because of waterpolo and to private English classes, but I do it all even though I go to sleep at twelve o'clock. I'm hardly ever very tired but I can only do what I can. IIn my family we are my father, his name is Juan Jesus and he is 40 years old and he is a soldier. My mother's name is Monica, she is 38 years old and she works in the white cross. Then my two sisters, one is Alba who is 9 years old and the other is Monica who is 4 years old.
Before I dinner I go to my priate English classes in talking English.

Juan Jesus.

Hello, my name is Iasin. I am 13 years old. I live in Ceuta, with my parents and my two brothers. I study at ''Seven Hills'' High School. I love basketball and playing videogames. My avourite team is Barcelona Fc. I don't have a favourite videogame. My father is a teacher. He teaches science, at my High School. My mother is a nurse. I play in a basketball team. I listen to Pop, rock and dubstep.

Hello,I'm Manuel.I'm 12 years old.I'm fron Ceuta which is in the north of Africa.I'm at the Highschool.My favourite subjects are English and P.E.I like English because it's easy and I like P.E because I like the sport very much.I don't like my Highschool very much and it's boring because the teachers are talking all the time.I like listening to music in my free time.My favourite types of music  are pop and dustep music.I like these two because I like electronic music.I love the sport.I do karate and I play football with my friends.I go to karate at 7 o'clock before English classes.During the summer I go to karate at eight o'clock with the olders ones.I have a sister.Her name is Lucia.She is 14 years old. I often argue with her because she doesn't let me use the computer .But now I have one.I have a dog . His name is Ringo.He is white and beautiful.I love him.I play with his ball.

                                                                                                              Manuel Guerrero, 12

Hi!My name is Ines.I'm from Cabra,a village in Cordoba but now I live in Ceuta,in the north of Africa.I'm 12 years old.I am a student at ''Seven Hillis''highschool.I'm in 1º of ESO.
I have a sister.Her name is Martina.She's 10 years old.My mother's name is Ines.She's 49 years old.My father's name is Cristobal.He's 49 years old too.
I go to English classes and to music classes in the afternoon.I go to English classes because my parents think it will be good for me for the future.I go to music classes because I like music a lot.I play the flute I go to music classes five hours a week.
I think I'm a friendly,funny,a kind person who has a lovely family.
This are some thing about me.Bye.

                                                                                                                  Inés Mora, 12 years old.

Hi! My name is Maite. I was born in the south of Spain, Malaga, but I live in Ceuta which is in the north of Africa next to Marroco. I have a twin sister and her name is Paula. My birthday is on 26th of October. My favourite hobby is listening to music. My favourite singer is Malu, and my favourite groups are Auryn and Sweet California. I've been to two Malu concerts, one in Marbella and another one in Sevilla. I've also been to three Auryn concert, and one of Sweet California. I like Malu because she sings very well, Auryn because they are handsome, funny and they sing very well, too. And I like Sweet California because they are affectionate and their songs are very good. They also dance very well.
I like going to school, but I hate studying or doing homework. My favourite subject is art, I like English and I hate physics and chemistry because I find them difficult.
I'm sociable but sometimes I'm shy. And I love music.

                                                                                                            Maite Garcia, 14 years old.

Hi, my name is Lucia. I'm 13 years old. My birthday is on17th January. I haven't got any brothers or sisters. I'm an only child. My father's name is Jose. He is a civil servant. My mother's name is Nieves. She is retired.
I have long brown hair, and brown eyes. I don't wear glasses, but I should.
I play volleyball at Saturday's afternoon. I love listening to music and going out with my friends. I hate studing maths and tidying my room but I do it.
I go to English classes in the afternoon or Monday to Thursday I have 1 hour and I think it is great!

martes, 24 de febrero de 2015


At Christmas I fell so good. I like staying with my family and having dinner with them. At Christmas I try to be better person and not argue with my family. A good thing about Christmas are the presents. I recieves a lot of expensive things. I think at Christmas. I love having a Christmas tree with the lights on it and I like to decorate it.

A famous person

I would like to talk to Miley Cyrus. She is an American singer, comporser and actress. She become famous with 12 years old in a serie called Hahnna Montana.
She's tall, slimm and actually she's blond. Her eyes are blue. She suffered a lot because her father didn't like her when she changed her image. Her exbroyfriend broke her heart too when they split up. I admire her a lot because of this now she is stronger.
I would ask her, that why she change her apparence because. I thing that before was beautiful.
My favourite song is wreking ball, because its tell the story of her broken heart.

Hello, I'm Pablo and I'm going to talk about Ariana Grande Butera. She was born in Boca Ratón, Florida, United States ontho 26th June 1993. She is 21 years old. She is an actress, singer and composer. She became well known for playing the rote of Cat Valentine in the series of Nickelodeon. She has worked two series called Victorious and Sam & Cat wich were very succesfull.
She is thin and short. She is 1'53 meters. She doesn't wear glasses. Her eyes are brown. She has got long blond straight hair. She is very pretty and I love her voice.
My favourite songs from her are ``Problem´´ and ``Break free´´. I think she is a kind and a nice person. She sings and acts very well. I would like to meet her because she is pretty and sings very well.

I want to met Ariana Grande because she is a great singer with good songs. I think she is a good person.

I could be like to meet Taylor Swift. The name of my idol is Taylor Aysson Swift. She was born on 13th December 1990. She was born in Tenessy in the Unit States of America. I love her because of her voice. Three of her most popular songs are Love Story (the song wich made her famous). We are never ever getting back together wich sold about 4.000.000 records all around the world. Also the single from Fairytales album Sparks fly. My favourite song of her is ''Red'', it isn't as famous as her other songs but I love it so much because of the lyrics meaning. She is also famouse because she was number one in the Rich Teneagers singers. She has made two movies: another version of Hannah Montana the movie and New Year's eve. If I met her I would like to ask her how she can sing so well in the concerts and how she makes her dreams come true.

Her name is Sonia Gómez.
She's from Sevilla, but she is living in Madrid now. She is a member if the Sweet California girlband.
When she was younger, she sang alone and she did covers in YouTube.
Their three most famous songs are ''infatuated'', ''comprende it's over'', ''vuelvo a ser la rara''. My favourite song is ''vuelvo a ser la rara''.


Hi, my name is Pablo. I'm 13 years old. I'm from Ceuta, in the north of Africa. I am Spanish. I've got a sister whose name Nuria. She's 9 years old. I'm a student at Seven Hills Highschool. I'm in second of ESO. I'm thin and short. I don't wear glasses. I've got brown eyes. I've got short brown straight hair.I like playing videogames and play with my friends. My favourite sports are football and basketball. My favourite subject is English because I find it very easy. It is easier than French. I like other subjects too, like P.E. and maths.In the future, I would like to be a doctor because I like helping people and I'm very generous.

My name is Pedro, I'm from Ceuta, a little city in the north of Africa. I´m at the High School. It is called ''Seven Hills''. I have a sister and she is 16 years old.
I have short straight brown hair. My eyes are brown but I would like to have lights eyes more.
I'm extrovert, friendly and sometimes tiresome.I'm a little bit ''friki'' because I love computer games and those kind of  things. Now, I don't play any sport because I don't have time wich is a shame.
I think that I'm not a bad person with my friends.

My name's Lucía, I'm from Ceuta. My father's name is Jose and my mother's name is Nieves. I study at San Daniel's school. I hace long weavy brown hair. I'm friendly but a little shy. I love listening to music and I like watching TV.

My classmates weekend.

Last Friday, Patricia went to the cinema with her friends. She watched Torrente 5 is a comedy and thriller film. During the film, she ate popcorn and an orange fanta. She had a very good time, and she liked the film a lot because it was funny.
When the film finished, she went to McDonald and had a hamburguer with some chips.

She celebrate Sacriface with her family on Sunday. She made a video for the kill of the lamb. Her father kills the lamb. She ate the meat in her house, she couldn't eat very meat because it had so much salt and that's bad, because is diabetic. She had a bad time because she was ill.

Lucia, went to the city center with her friends. She went to have dinner to Mc. Donald then she had an ice cream and talk with her friends. At half past eleven her mother pick her up.

Ines went to Cabras with her family . She stayed for 4 days . She went by boat and by car . She went to a friends house all the day . She arrived with her cousins.
They make a short film , it was about a girl tha wantes to be a princess .
Her mother wrote her in a princess academy . Then she bacome a bad girl . At the end of the short film she became a princess.

Last weekend Juan Jesus, my classmate was ill with a sure throat wich hurt him a lot. He was at home, all the weekend ill. His mother looked after him. He was sleeping in bed all day. He watched TV. Juan Jesus took medicine which had a bad taste.

Iasin went to ''La marina'' park to play basketball with some friend and people who are in his term then he went to ''La Golosa'' to had an ice cream. He had a good time.

Summer holiday

This summer I went to Granada, in the south of Spain. It is a very big famous university city. In summer, a lot of people visit it because it has a lot of munoments and it is very beautiful. I went with my parents and my sister for four days. It was fantastic. I went sightseeing and we went to the Science Museum, it was wonderful and I loved it. There are many places to have fun and a big garden with many games. It was very hot wich is normal at this time of year. The first day we relaxed and we went shopping. In Granada, there are a lot of restaurants where to eat and a lot of shops, etc. There are big chain stores where you can buy anything you want.

Last summer I went to Jerez , in Southern Spain. I went with all my family . I spent a weekend there .I went there because I had a wedding of my uncle . He decided to celebrate there because the family of the wife live there .I went by bus . I had a very googd time . The city wats very small , but was also very beautiful .I went to a small village . It was also very beautiful with lots of monuments and places to visit .The weather was very hot . The hotel was far away the village , so we had to take the bus if we wanted to visit anywhere.

This summer I went to Almeria with my family and my dog.I went by boat and by car.I went in July , to an apartament and I lived the appartament very much because it was very big.It had a small swimming pool and every day. I went to the beach to walk with my dog. I played waterpolo and football with my father. At night I went to have dinner out, to many different restaurants . When I stayed out I often went shopping or to a bar. We arrived back at the appartament late. I also went to a water park, I liked it very much .I took photos . I laughed a lot...
I love the water because I could swimming , snorkelling and playing . I love this summer.
It was amazing
Manuel Guerrero.

My summer holidays this year were fantastic. In July I went to Portaventura with my sister and my father. We stayed at a Hotel Portaventura's park. Apart the park and the atractions, my father has a friend there. She stayed with us all the time we stayed there. She saw the city. I went another trip but this one was with my mother and sister. We went to Madrid and we saw ''El Rey Leon'' the musical. It was fantastic, the singers had amazing voices and they were very good actors and actress. I had a very good time on bouth trips.

For my last holiday I went to Torremolinos.I went with my family,my friend and her family.We went for a day but this day was fantastic.
In the morning we went to the beach.There,we had some chips.We play in the sand and we swam in the sea.The beach was fantastic.The sand is better than the Ceuta's sand.
We went to have lunch in a restaurant near the beach.We only had fish,fish and more fish.I like fish but I prefer meat.We had a chocolate ice-cream.When we arrived to the house and we had a shower.
At night we went for a walk.Torremolinos was wonderful.I like it very much.We arrived home at 12 o'clock.
I following day we came back to Cabra.

                                                                                                                     Ines Mora, 12 years old

Last summer, I went to Conil, near Cádiz with my family. I spend one week there. We went by boat and by taxi. We arrived in the afternoon, so we couldn´t do anything that day.
The hotel was great!. I loved it, because it was big and it had a lot of activities to do: playing football, basketball, volley,swimming,...
It was very good. I went swimming a lot and play volley. I had a very good time. During the week we did a lot of things, like walking along the beach, going to the swimming pool, shopping in the town. The town was small, but it has a lot of things. Finally, we came back by boat.
I liked very much this week, I meet a lot of friends.

In June, I went to Sevilla with my parents, my sister, my best friend and her father. We only went two days. When we arrived in Sevilla, we left our bags at the hotel and we went to have lunch at a nearby bar. I eat meat, two eggs and chips. After lunch, we returned to the hotel where we got changed. Later we went to the auditorium where Malu was going to sing that night. The concert was incredible! She is a very good singer and my favourite. She sang her older and news songs. I love all her songs. This holiday was fantastic. I went back to Ceuta very happy. In August, I went to Arcos with my parents, my sister, my cousin and my uncles. We went for a Auryn concert. Auryn is a boyband. Well my favourite boyband. There are 5 boys and their names are Alvaro, Blas, Carlos, David and Dani. The day of the concert, my sister and I got up at eight o' clock. We had breakfast in the hotel. Then we went to the square where the concert was. It was a very big beautiful square. It's next to the church. During the day, we met lots of people, from diferent cities like Algeciras, Jerez, Malaga, Sevilla, Cadiz. There were very friendly. Now I have a group on WhatsApp with them ''Auryners Flamencas''. It was a very good holiday, it was fantastic! I am a very lucky girl.

In August I went to Malaga to visited my family I retourned to Ceuta two weeks later. I  went with my parents, my uncle and my aunt. I went every day to the beach. I had a big surprise because when I went into the water I walked a distance but the water didn't cover me.
The other day in Malaga, I went shopping with my aunt and my mother. I bought lots of clothes. I wanted a tracksuit, but my mother said to me ''Lucia, I can't buy more cothes, I haven't got any more money'' and I said ''Ok, tomorrow we go to the shopping centre with some more money and buy it''.
On the way home to Ceuta, we stopped in ''La Ca;ada'' and my mother bought more clothes for me.
When we were on the ferry it didn't stop moving so I was ill. We had a very good time while we were away.

Chong´s composition

I didn´t have a good time! My parents went to the shopping centre with my 10 years old sister. They left my two little sisters and I at home alone. Then my two little sisters told me that they wanted to go to the park but my parents didn´t come back until late.

My new penguin

This Christmas was a disaster. I broke my new Iphone 6 because it fell to the floor and the screen cracked. My parents were very kind becausse they gave me a new phone Samsung Galaxy S5. I bought a new case. It´s a very beautiful pink penguin.

                                                       England team(19:00-20:00)

The man that dissapeared

Once upon a time there was a little poor boy in a kingdom called Termina. One day  he went for a walk to the great lagoon but he got lost. An old rich man who was walking took yhe boy to his house. The man was very friendlyand gave him some food and money. Then the man dissapeared.

                                                       Nothern-Ireland team(19:00-20:00)

Dark,dark night

One dark night, in a black cave, there was a coffin, in it there was a person with a blood shot eye.His name was Dani, he was very clever but he was sometimes serious when I into the coffin  I saw Dani eating a sandwich with nutella. He was angry because he didn´t like nutella. When I saw his hand he was holding a bloody knife. He told me that he had killed Alvarito but I didn´t believe him. I had seen Alvarito two hours ago in the park. Alvarito was playing with his friend Yassinito. They were playing football. And Yassinito was the winner.