sábado, 5 de julio de 2014

Get to know me .

Hi,my name is Alba .I am 11 years old.I live in Ceuta  in the north of Africa.I was born in Leon in the north of Spain.My father is a military man and my mother is a housewife.I have a sister her name is Lucia.I'm in the San Daniel shool.My favourite subjects are Math and English and I don't like Spanish languaje.I want to be a primary school teacher when I am older.My favourite hobbies are riding my bike and watching TV.On my holiday I went to on a cruise to Italy.

Alba 11 years old

My name is Andrés. I´m 14 years. I live in Ceuta and I was born there too. I live with my parents and my sister María who is 10 year old. My father is a civil servant and my mother is a psychologist..I´m astudent at``San Daniel´s school´´. I think that my school is grat but some teachers don´t want to teach us .I´m going to start third of ESO in year 10 in September. I love whatching science fiction´s films also playing basketball in CB Ceuta ST Daniel and in Ceuta´s selection. I love basketball because it is away of life. When I grow up I want to be a microbiologist. I think I´m pessimistic but when I´m very happy I act differentty. I´ve got brown warry hair and brown eyes I think I think they are amber. I love to be free when I can do what I want and my mother isn´t telling me what to do

My name is Ana. I am 16 years old. I live in a flat in the centre of Madrid with my parents and my sister Elisa who is 11. My father works as an engineer and my mother is a vet. I've just finished the 11 year in the high school. It's called Isabel la Católica. There the famous researcher Ramón y Cajal worked. I've studied German for four years. I've done three exchanges to Germany with my class: one to Frankfurt, one to a village next to Frankfurt and the last one, in my opinion the best, to Berlin. I love reading and listening to music, going out with friends, running, traveling and drama. A few weeks ago I played with my group The Tempest, by William Shakespeare and Peter Pan, by James M. Barrie. It was awesome. I hope I'll enjoy my stay here and speak a lot of english.

Hi I´m Dani. I´m from Ceuta. It is opposite Giblaltar . I´m 14 years old. I´m 14 years old. I´m in 3rd of E.S.O (9th year) next year i will study 4rd of E.S.O (10 year). I want to go to the UNI because I want to study medicine when i finished this career i want to be an emergency surgeon. My hobbies are playing fotball and water-polo.
Water-polo is a sport which is very difficult because you have to combine swimming skills using a ball. You have to swim a lot. when the match finished you feel very tired but it worth it.
Playing football is another hobby which i like the reason beging is i feel free. I always feel happy when I play football. I love it. You kick the ball and when you score a goal you feel incredible 
I´m a kind person who loves meet people.I have a brown short straight hair and brown eyes.
In my opinion I´m an amusing person.




Discovering drama:

Last September, I wanted to do a new activity in the afternoon. I wanted something new in my life. So I asked for a place at the Music Academy to learn how to play the piano. But, unfortunatley there weren't any places. So my mother asked me if I wanted to go to a drama class at the drama Academy in my neighborhood. I went to the class to see how it was and I loved it. After this class I told my mother that I want to go to this Academy and she said ok. So this course has been my first year in the Academy and I am so happy becouse everyone is so nice and we get on very well. One of the teachers told us one time, that in this academy they train good actors and actresses, but even better people, and I think this is the best way to grow up.

martes, 1 de julio de 2014

An amazing fun playground.

Crocky Trail is a children's attraction park which is situated in the countryside of Chester. It was an old farm which has been converted into an outdoor adventure playground.
You can run, jump, slide down.. etc.
You can do exercise have fun by going on all the different rides. Everybody wants to go back again. Eventhough you get very dirty and the next day every parts of your body are hurt.
It's magical place for children.

I think that it was amazing but I hurt my body. We crossed a lot of bridges along the river doing a "zig zag". It was very tirying. Everybody was thirsty and when we finished we bought a drink. Then we did what we wanted, some lay on the grass and slept and others went on more attractions until 4 pm.
You can go with your friends or your family to spend a fun day and even have a picnic.


When Janet told us about Crocky Trail we didn't know where or what it was.
Then, we searched it on the Internet and we saw and attraction park for children when has many games, slides and there is mud everywhere.
We spent a very funny and dirty time there. Finally I think that It would be a good place to have aa good time with our cousins because they love attractions parks and getting dirty.