lunes, 17 de diciembre de 2012

My favourite photograph

Paula Aguilar
I have one on the desktop on my computer. It's a girl with a big dress made of real butterflies and behind her there is a man with a suit on who is pretending to catch the butterflies. I like this photo because I put  on it a little sentence saying  "fly butterfly because you're beautiful". I think the person who likes  this photo wants to transmit  the message that she is a beautiful free woman and the man only wants the girl for himself like a thing. This photo it isn't very old.I think it is from a fashion magazine because the girls looks  like a model because she is in a very professional pose. I think when this photo was taken the photographer thought in a paradise because of the colours he has used.

Ana Ruiz
My favourite photo is one that I took with my brother.I was 6 and he was  4. The photo is the typical one that you must have done when the school year finishes. So if you have a brother at the same school you can take it with him . I can remember that one of the things I liked was that both of us had a horrible face.My brother because he was ill and I because my hair-clip was hurting me . The best thing was that the woman who took the photo was like a witch. She tried to be funny but she  got  uglier. My mother has it on her bed-side table because she says that she likes to get up and see us there.

Lucia Mateos
My favourite photograph is one of myself when I was little  about 3 years old .I was looking at myself in the mirror just after my mum had made same tiny knots all over my head. I love that photo because it reminds me of when I was little. Every afternoon I spent time with my mum before my brother was born.It is  in an album,so I don´t lose it .The photo was taken by my mum,like all of my photographs from when I was a baby. I can´t really remember where it was but I know that it was in my old house.

Marta Ruiz
I don´t have a favourite photo because I´m not a fan of photographs but I like that the photos remind us of the past.I can remember a beautiful or a bad moment or a place. I like that a photo  which is only a piece of paper can make you cry or smile. I like the photos of when I was younger because it reminds  me of  the times I didn´t have any worries ,homework,study and more things that I don´t like now. I like artistic photographs too. I think that they are a beautiful way to express yourself. In my opinion it´s fantastic what a photograph can do and tell us.

María García
I have a favourite photo that my father took of me when I was little . In this photo you can´t see my face, only my back because I was sitting having something to eat. I remember that we went to the countryside and in that  place we could see Ceuta very well.  I think that he took the photo because of that. I like this photo though I can´t see my face but the views are very beautiful so this is what is one of my favourite photos.

Saray Sorroche
I took my favourite photo. I keep it on my computer. I took it in the country-side. I was in the car and you can see that on the sides of the the road everything is green with some flowers and some trees too. I like this photo because the trees leaves are yellow at the top of the photo. It looks like if the trees  were a roof. I took it while I was  with my father and sister. Everytime we drove and passed this place I wanted to take this photo and finally I could take it. I was so very pleased when I did. 

Ana Bocoya
I don't have any favourite photographs but there are some that I like more than others. There is one where you can see my sister, my cousin and me. I was at the  bottom, my sister was in the middle and my cousin is at the top. You can only see our faces and a little bit of of our body but only from our shoulders to our stomach. This photo was taken  last Christmas at night  when my cousin come to Ceuta and she stayed in my house to sleep. I think that the auto took the photo I like this photo because we were all smiling and because of  the light.

Laura de Ana
My favourite photo was taken when I was only three years old, by my father, who always liked to take a lot of photos when my brothers and I were babies. In the photo I was on my parent's bed. I was eating a big cake with my hands which my mother had made. I was so happy and I had cake all over my face. On the left of the photo there are my two brothers who are laughing a lot and doing silly things to me. It's so funny! I keep this photo because it is the only funny photo that I have When I was a little baby and it's a very nice photo so I love it.

Sergio Martínez
 My favourite photograph is a photo which was taken in a market in Germany, at Christmas by an anonymous photographer. I love this photo because I like Germany when it's snowing. In this photo, you can see some beautiful buildings and I like to see this type of architecture, there are many Christmas lights and you can see many people crossing the street. I think it's very cold because they are wearing winter coats.

Paula Panal
My favourite photo at the moment is one where I was jumping on the terrice of my house in Jerez. The photo was taken with the camera so that I can take photos alone by myself.
In the photo I am wearing a black T-shirt with the picture of Jack Daniels: This is the name of a brand name of Wisky. This is my favourite T-shirt.
I like this photo because in the background  there is a blue sky and the colours are very sweet.
I took the photo this summer in August. It was 8 o'clock in the evening.

Natalia López
I think that my favourite photo was taken in Rome this summer. In the photo you can see a long road, on the right a typical Italian's kiosk and at the end you can see the Coliseum and so many tourists waiting to go into it. It was taking by me when I went to visit the Coliseum. 
I like it veery much because I like the views, contrast with the sunshine and the landscape. I keep it on my computer but I would like to have it developed to put it on my wall.