jueves, 20 de junio de 2013

Did you know that ripe bananas with black marks are good for you ?
The black marks on the yellow skin of the banana produces
TNF ( Tumour Necrosis Factor ).which helps combat  against adnormal cells.
Helping the anti-cancer quality
There is a saying we are what we eat !!
Here below are some more fruit and why they are good for us

The Norwood Builder chpt 4 (audio book )

The Norwood Builder chpt 3 (audio book )

The Norwood Builder chpt 2 ( audio book )

The Norwood Builder chpt 1 (audio book )

A young man named John Hector McFarlane is falsely accused of murdering Jonas Oldacre. Despite his protestations of innocence, there's no evidence to be found in his defense. Until Holmes takes the case, of course. By using some forensic science and staging a fake fire, Holmes is able to flush Oldacre out of hiding. Oldacre tried to revenge himself upon McFarlane's parents by faking his death and framing McFarlane.

martes, 18 de junio de 2013

5 Routines ( video )

4 Life ( video )

3 Things ( video )

2 People video

1 Hello video

The Four Friends

Audio story.
Four friends: a deer, a tortoise, a crow and a mouse are worried about the hunter's traps. Will they outwit him?

Turtle's Flute ( story video )

Audio story.
Turtle was a gifted flutist. One day a greedy man shuts her in a cage. Find out how Turtle escapes in this Brazilian folktale.