martes, 8 de octubre de 2013

Fast Food Reataurants


Nowadays, a lot of people very often go to Fast Food Restaurants (like McDonalds, Burger King, etc.), maybe because they like the food there or maybe because they think it is cheaper, or simply because they don't have enough time to cook something healthier.

The thing is that we have to realize that fast food is something bad for our health, our life and our future, and that we have to change this and have a healthier lifestyle by changing our habits.

One of the things that we can do is do more sport (like go running or something like that, running is the best sport you can practice to have a healthier lifestyle) or just cut out going to that kind of restaurant, I know it isn't easy, but we have to do it.

I'm going to tell you my own experience, some years ago my family used to go, not very often but a lot of times, to restaurants like McDonalds, because my parents worked until very late, my sister and I were very young and we couldn't cook healthy food so we had to go to many restaurants (and some of them were Fast Food Restaurants) but then my father started having sugar and being diabetic.

What I wanted to say is that maybe going to Fast Food Restaurants wasn't the main reason why my father had sugar but we have to realize that we should have a healthier lifestyle so that to solve a lot of our problems  that we may have in the future.

   SARA AHMADIEH          

Food glorious food


Food is any sustance that gives us  nutrients for our body.
The food can be for you  pleasure or  fuel. I think that for the majority of people food is a pleasure because  you enjoy it when you eat. But there are some people that it can be a fuel. These people eat because its necesary.
They are two kinds of food: fast food, the food that is unhealthy for you and can be prepared and served quickly, for example hamburger, chips, pizza...; and healthy food, that is considered to be benificial for you, they are natural products like fruit or vegetables which you should eat  every day.
I think that I eat healthy because I eat fruit and vegetables every day. But sometimes I eat fast food when I go out.
For me food is a pleasure because I like  the food that I eat very much.

Lucía Guerrero

About if  food is  fuel or pleasure I can say the following: When I am hungry I need fluel - and any food seems to me a pleasure. When I am eating and half-fed/full I need pleasure - and I choose those dishes which are not necessarily fuel (eg, cream cakes )

Lydlmilia Kropinnova 

There are two different kind of food in the world : healthy or unhealthy food. The mayority of people prefer unhealthy food nobody knows why.
For this a lot of people do diets.
In Spain for example people do diets,but not everyday, because the mayority of people skip the diet for some reason : " go out for lunch".
I think this is an excuse to skip your diet, because at a restaurant you can order healthy food, but people
 say : "For one day it doesn't matter". So in my opinion this is the problem of spanish diets.

Claudia Castro

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