lunes, 26 de agosto de 2013

Each vs Every

Each, Every

Each and every have similar but not always identical meanings.
Each = every one separately
Every = each, all

Sometimes, each and every have the same meaning:
  • Prices go up each year.
  • Prices go up every year.

But often they are not exactly the same.
Each expresses the idea of 'one by one'. It emphasizes individuality.
Every is half-way between each and all. It sees things or people as singular, but in a group or in general.
Consider the following:
  • Every artist is sensitive.
  • Each artist sees things differently.
  • Every soldier saluted as the President arrived.
  • The President gave each soldier a medal.
Each can be used in front of the verb:
  • The soldiers each received a medal.
Each can be followed by 'of':
  • The President spoke to each of the soldiers.
  • He gave a medal to each of them.

Every cannot be used for 2 things. For 2 things, each can be used:
  • He was carrying a suitcase in each hand.
Every is used to say how often something happens:
  • There is a plane to Bangkok every day.
  • The bus leaves every hour.

domingo, 25 de agosto de 2013


Listening is so important !

How to improve your listening skills.
1. Be patient, it won't happen over night.

2. Be consistent, you can't learn to listen in one day, listening for 12 hours, it has to be a constant effort, you should listen daily to the radio in the car, watch English movies, podcasts...

3. Listen to a variety of accents. The English world isn't only England, it is Scotland, Ireland, Trinidad and Tobago, Australia, New Zealand, India, The United States, Canada and many, many, many more. English is also a second language to many and they also count!