jueves, 26 de enero de 2017

Our English Trip.

On 8th November 2015 we went on an English School Trip. We went to Huelva, in the south-west of Spain. On the first day we went to our rooms with our friends. Then we had dinner. After dinner we did activities near the pool. We made bracelets. The next day we went to a lake and we did kayaking. During the next few days we did different activities with our friends. it was great  fun. On the last day we were sad because we made new friends who are from Ciudad Real. This trip was very ejoyable.We loved this trip.

By Martina and Adrián

Snow in Ceuta

We are going talk about something that happend 24 years ago. On the 23rd January it snowed in Ceuta because the polar wind came to everywhere  in Spain and parts of Africa. This wind turned the rain into snow. This was a very beautiful moment in Ceuta. The people remembered this during all of their lives. Everybody wants this pretty moment to happen again  during  these very cold days  that we are having. This cold reminds  the people of Ceuta the last time that it snowed.

By Celia and Andrea