viernes, 31 de marzo de 2017

New York

During my holiday I went to New York. First I caught a boat because I needed to go to Algeciras
Then I went to Madrid by car where I left it in the aeroplane in Madrid.At night I took the plane from Madrid to New York.The flight was so long .It took about nine hours .
On the first day, I had breakfast with my family in my hotel room. Then I got dressed. I wore my swimsuit so I could go to the hotel swimming pool. I play with my brother and my cousins all morning until lunch time . The food was delicious.
On the second day, we went to visit the monuments around New York.The best one was the Statue of Liberty .Also we went to the Central Park zoo. We saw many animals.It was so hot so we were thirsty so we bought a water bottle.
On the third day, we went to an Amusement park. I had a great time and I laughed a lot with my brother. There were so many rides we couldn't go on everything
In the fourth day, in the morning my cousins and I we went to the beach. The water was very cold so we didnt go swimming but sat there watching the waves and talking .
I am so glad I went on this holiday.

Elena Mornata

Last Summer

Last summer I went to Madrid.The reason I went was  to  watch  the Real Madrid-Valencia match. I saw many of my favourite players  like Munir or Cristiano Ronaldo.I was sat on the sixth row so I was very near the pitch . Before the match started  I went to the Santiago Bernabeu Museum, where all the cups and trophies  that the Real Madrid team have won throughout its history are.I couldnt believe it. It has been my dream to go and finally I went .
 At the airport  I was amazed how  large it was. It was the first time I had flown .From the plane you can see everything downon the ground which isvery small. I saw the different  landscapes and places. It was a great trip.


domingo, 26 de marzo de 2017

A good place to go


I would to visit a little Spanish city. It´s called Ceuta. I´d like to go to the Royals Walls. Then I can eat fresh fried fish while  watching the  people walk by  and watching  the boats sailing  through the moat . Then in the afternoon  I can go to watch an  AD Ceuta  football match in the Alfonso Murube stadium  , There I can eat what there is in the small cafe  and maybe I can  win a T- shirt in the draw they have during   the match. In the city  centre  you can buy a lot of things along the main street and even eat homemade  taps which are delicious. If you have time you can go to the Desnarigado castle which  is in The Hacho Mountain. This castle now houses the military museum .It is interesting if you like history.Ceuta is small but it has some beautiful places .  


My summer camp

Eight months ago I went to a summer camp in Huelva. It was called Andevalo Aventura. When we arrived    there some teachers gave us to our bedrooms. Later they did a play for us. It was very funny but we were sad because we were far away from   our parents.It was a lovely way to welcome us.
The next day we woke early. Then we went to have breakfast. When we had finished  we did a lot of  outdoor activities: we rode horses, we went  hiking... I made friends quickly.
On the third day we went to the pool to swim and to have a break.  The teachers played with us in the pool, I like it so much.
On the last day we went to the beach. We were with people from other parts of Spain. But when we went back to the camp again, everyone was very sad because the next day we had to go home.
I had a great experience.


My Holiday

I went on holiday to Granada here in the south of  Spain with my family by car. I went to Sierra Nevada. At  Sierra Nevada which is in the mountains where there is a lot of snow  I ate a lot of hot chocolate and hamburgers or pizzas. Then I also went to skiing or to played with the snow.
I also went to Almuñeca on  the south coast of Granada. In Almuñeca we stayed in a hote The hotel was very beautiful and big. Most days  we went to the beach . On the beach I swam a lot.We also went to the mountain  there.In the mountain we stayed in another hotel. This hotel was verybig and  old, but it was very cosy. It had a lot of bedrooms and a very big swimming pool.
After a few days  we went to visit the Alhambra monument.In the Alhambra we went to see The Lion’s Fountain and Nasrid Palaces too.There were a very long steps. I has a hard time climbing the them .

What a holiday

Pablo Machuca Granados Gr. O A

For my last holiday I went to Paris, France. There I saw Notre Dame Cathedral. It was amazing. I took photos and made videos. It was very big and high. I was impressed
Then I visited the Louvre museum. I saw a lot of pictures. They were very old! Also I saw the famous Mona Lisa! It was VERY small but it was in a VERY BIG frame. After that I went to see the Effiel Tower. It was very high and when I was at the top I felt scared.I felt so small. But a few minutes later I felt better. I took a lot of photos because the view was incredible!

Finally I walked around Paris with my family and cousins. I enjoyed myself because people's behaviour's was respectful .Also they  were full of life and light so different from Spanish people. They were polite. The city was more exciting than here. 
One day I hope to go back.