viernes, 31 de marzo de 2017

New York

During my holiday I went to New York. First I caught a boat because I needed to go to Algeciras
Then I went to Madrid by car where I left it in the aeroplane in Madrid.At night I took the plane from Madrid to New York.The flight was so long .It took about nine hours .
On the first day, I had breakfast with my family in my hotel room. Then I got dressed. I wore my swimsuit so I could go to the hotel swimming pool. I play with my brother and my cousins all morning until lunch time . The food was delicious.
On the second day, we went to visit the monuments around New York.The best one was the Statue of Liberty .Also we went to the Central Park zoo. We saw many animals.It was so hot so we were thirsty so we bought a water bottle.
On the third day, we went to an Amusement park. I had a great time and I laughed a lot with my brother. There were so many rides we couldn't go on everything
In the fourth day, in the morning my cousins and I we went to the beach. The water was very cold so we didnt go swimming but sat there watching the waves and talking .
I am so glad I went on this holiday.

Elena Mornata

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