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A cup of tea.

Britain is a tea-drinking nation. Every day they drink 165 million cups of tea. Each year about 144 thousand tons of tea are imported.
Tea in Britain is traditionally made in a china teapot, adding one spoonful of tea per person and one for the pot. Most Britons like their tea strong and dark, but with a lot of milk.

Interesting Fact
Years ago, the milk was poured into the cup first, so as not to crack the porcelain.

        Until about the 1980 s
     ElevensesAt 11 o’clock  in England people took  a break with a cup of tea and some cakes or biscuits . 
Before dinner  on a Sunday  you can take ‘high tea’: a kind of snack with tea sandwiches and cakes .                                      

Did you know?   
If someone asks you if you 'would like a cuppa', they are asking if you would like a cup of tea.

If someone says 'let me be mother' or 'shall I be mother', they are offering to pour out the tea from the teapot.

Answer the questions to complete the sentence below

1 What is the most popular drink in the UK?
a tea
b coffee
c beer

2 How long should tea be brewed? 
d 1-2 minutes
e 3-5 minutes
f 8-10 minutes

3 The best teapot to keep tea hot is made from ... 
g silver
h porcelain
i glass

4 For the best cup of tea you should pour ... 
j tea and milk together
k tea before milk
l milk before tea

5 Which hand should hold your teacup? 
m either
n right
o left

6 How strong is Darjeeling tea? 
p strong
q medium
r light

7 Afternoon cream tea consists of tea, scones, clotted cream and …
s strawberry jam
t apple jam
 u blueberry jam
v traffic jam

8 Which British sport has a tea-break? 
w rugby
x golf
y cricket
z horse-racing

Fish & chips.

Fish and chips is the classic English take-away food. It became popular in the 1860's .

       The fish (cod) is deep fried in flour batter and is eaten with chips. Traditionally, the fish and chips are covered with salt and malt vinegar and, using your fingers, eaten straight out of the paper which they are wrapped in. Now-a-days small wooden forks are provided and the fish and chips. 
Fish and Chips
In the north of England, fish and chips is often served with "mushy peas" (mashed processed peas).



Chester is one  the richest city in Britain for archaeological and architectural treasures preserved to this day from the time of the Roman occupation.
Chester began when the Romans built a fort next to the River Dee about 75 AD. 
The Roman fort was called Deva. After the nearby river.
Soon a small village grew up outside the fort at Chester. The soldiers would buy   the civilian's goods  from their market. Roman Chester was also a busy little port and luxuries such as wine and finely made pottery were imported.
In Roman Chester there was a large amphitheatre were people were entertained by gladiators or by cruel 'sports' such as cock fighting and bear baiting.
However in the 4th century Roman civilisation began to break down. In England people left the towns like Chester and they were left almost completely abandoned by the Danes and Saxons  by 900. 

1º- High Cross:
In the middle of the street there is a sandstone pillar with a lantern head. This 15th century Cross marks the centre of the Roman fortress. The four main Roman streets go from the cross to the main gates.

2º- Peter´s Church:
You can see this church behind the High Cross. It was built by the Saxons in 907 A.D. Much of the interior is 14th and 15th century. But the exterior was restored in 1886/7


3º- The Rows:
Most of the black and white buildings in Chester belong to the Victorian revival style. Chester is a splendid example of this style the most famous being The Rows. It´s a covered way walkways full of shops. The Rows is from about the 13th century. Wealthy merchants in the Middle Ages built magnificent town houses. The shops have always been a fantastic place where fine goods have been sold.


4º The Romans Baths:
Here the remains of the hypocaust, the underfloor heating system which heated the water for the baths.


5º The Old King´s Head:
Was built in 1622. It belonged to the first mayor of Chester.

6º The Roman Walls
The original walls were built  of Wood in 79 A.D. Between 90 and 120 A.D the Romans replaced the Wood with Stone which we can still see today. Because of  the  Viking and the Saxons  they extended the walls. These walls have been  repaired many times.

7º Roman amphitheatre in Britain
Here,8000 people watched  animals fights public execuctions and gladiators combats.The amphitheatre is the largest in Britain. It´s from the 1st century.It was used as a training ground the Roman troops as well.


8.The Eastgate

It was  built in 1899 to celebrate Queen Victoria´s Diamond Jubilee in 1897.


                                                                                                                  9.Grosvenor hotel.
It was designed by Penson to honour the Grosvenor family. All along this street are some superb examples of Victorian timbered (wood) revival.


10.Stanley Palace.

This was the Town House of the powerful Stanley family who where in charge of the Watergate which was the entrance to the port , so they made a  lot of money .The palace has a beautiful Elizabethan oak gallery reputedly haunted by the ´Grey Lady´ and the executed Royalist.

11. The Chester racecourse.

Chester Racecourse, is  known as the Roodee." Roodee” is a version of "Rood Eye", meaning "The Island of the Cross".  In the centre of the field is a raised mound which is decorated by a small cross known as a "rood". It is from this that the race course gets it’s name.The first recorded race at the ´Roodee Fields´ was in February 9th 1539, in the time of Henry the Eighth.
It is the oldest racecourse in the country, organising horse racing here in 1539.
In Roman times this was a busy harbour / port full of ships loading and unloading goods.


12.The Cathedral.

Before the cathedral there was an Anglo-Saxon church.
 In 1541 it became a cathedral. The cathedral was modified many times between 1093 and 16th century.
 It´s made of red - sand stone it has amazing stone glass windows.

13.The River Dee 
 The name Dee comes from the Roman word Deva which means goddess.
The Dee was known  as one of the world's great salmon rivers. Since the 17th century, anglers 
( fishermen )  have been sport fishing on the river for its famous  salmon. Victorian salmon anglers enjoyed some of the finest fishing in the Dee's  history.
The River Dee is a 70-mile (110 km) long river . It flows through Wales and England and also forms part of the border between the two countries.

Along the northern, City, bank of the river is the “Groves”. A paved promenade complete with bandstand, cafés, restaurants and public houses. Here you can go on  the river cruises, or on  a motorboat, a rowing boat or a pedalo.

14. The Bridgegate & Old Dee Bridge

As you come to  the end of the Groves you will hear  the roar of water rushing over the weir  ( A dam placed across  the river ) .There is a  magnificent sandstone bridge crossing the river. It has  seven unequal arches which were built about the year 1387. Before this it was a wooden bridge and a pre-Roman  crossing place.

At the airport

ESLvideo.com :: Setting a table

ESLvideo.com :: Setting a table

Setting the table

Buying a present in London ( Roleplay)

 -Sara (A1)

 Shop Assistant: Can I help you?

 Tourist: Yes, please. I want to buy a present for my boyfriend. Do you have a picture frame  which is not very expensive?
 Shop Assistant: I have a yellow one for 6 pounds and another in grey for 3 pounds.

 Tourist: I like the yellow one but the grey is cheaper. I don't know. What should I buy?

 Shop assistant: For your boyfriend? Mmm... I think that grey is better because it's beautiful and it looks like silver.

 Tourist: Yes? Ok! I  will buy that one . Here you are, 3 pounds.

 Shop Assistant: Ok! Thanks, Bye!

 Tourist: Bye!

  -Susana (A1)

  Shop Assistant : Hello. Can I help you?

  Tourist: Yes. I'm looking  at this t-shirt. How much is it ?

  Shop Assistant: It costs 3 euros.

  Tourist: Ok, but I want this t-shirt in blue, please. It is a present for my sister.

  Shop Assistant: Look, do you like it?

  Tourist: Yes, I love it !

  Shop Assistant: Do you want anything else?

  Tourist: Yes I want this green bracelet.

  Shop Assistant: Ok. it costs 1 euro.

  Tourist: Oh, I want it! It's very cheap.

  Shop Assistant: It  is 4 euros all together .

  Tourist: Here you are.

  Shop Assistant: Thank you !

 -Manuel (A1)

 Shop Assistant: Hello! Can I help you?

 Tourist: Hello! How much are these key rings?

 Shop Assistant: They're 2'50 euros.

 Tourist: Ok! I will take 3 key rings.

 Shop Assistant: Do you like these bags?

 Tourist: I like the blue one. How much is it?

 Shop Assistant: It is 30 euros.

 Tourist: Oh! It's expensive. I prefer the black bag, please. It's cheaper.

 Shop Assistant: Ok! One moment, please... Here you are, anything else?

 Tourist: No, thanks.

 Shop Assistant: Ok, bye !

 Tourist: Bye!

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My favourite day

Manuel (A1)

My favourite day of the week is Saturday because I don´t go to school.

I wake up after 10:00 a.m.Then, I have breakfast and watch TV. After that I do my homework. When I finish my homework I play computer games and play with my friends. I have lunch at 2:00 p.m. Sometimes I eat in a restaurant. Then, I play computer games and I surf the net. In the evening I have dinner at 9:30 p.m. Then I watch TV and I use the computer. I go to bed after 12:00 p.m.

Sonia (A1)

My favourite day is Friday because I meet my friends in the afternoon and in the morning I have my favourites subjects. In the morning, I get up at half past eight. My mother cooks breakfast for  my father and I . Then I go to school. After school, I go home and have lunch. I do my homework and study. Then I watch TV, play on the  internet... After that, I go out with my friends to the city centre and go for a walk. After that I go home and watch a movie on television and have dinner with my parents. Later, I go to my bedroom and watch TV untill one o'clock.

Ingrid (A1)

My favourite day of the week is Sunday, because it is  the weekend. In the morning I usually wake up at 11:00. Then I have breakfast and do my homework. After that, I go to my brother's house,and there I play wii games with my sister-

My house.

Rocio (A1)

I live with my parents,my two brothers and my dog in a flat.
The flat has two bathrooms and four bedrooms.My brothers share their  room,but they don't like it.
The bathrooms are not very big.One has a shower and the other a bath.
The kitchen is big,but we don't have a diswasher because my mother doesn't like it.
Next year we are going to refurbish our house,because we are going to do another bedroom for my grandmother.

Marina (A1)

I live with my parents, my brother and my dog in a flat.The flat has two bathroom,three bedrooms,a living room and a kitchen.The bathrooms are not very big.One of it has a shower and the other has a bath.We have a medium size kitchen.It has a dishwasher,a freezer and a small table.My brother's bedroom and my bedroom have a bunk bed but we don't use duvets.My parents' bedroom has a double bed and two bedside tables.We have a TV in all  our bedroom and in the living room.The living room has two tables;a big one and a small one.And there are two blinds and three sofas and two cushions on each sofa.There are  two corridors in my house.

Our first impression of England

  1. My first impression about the English weather was it is very cold and cloudy. We are luck because we haven't seen any rain.
  2. My first impression of England is  the weather.It's very cold and cloudy,but sometimes it's sunny when we're lucky.
  3. The weather in England is very cold and it frequently changes. One day it is very sunny and the next it is pour down.
  4. The weather in England is very cold even in summer. Here it rain a lot. The weather here is difficult for me. Because I am not used to it. In Spain the weather is hotter than here.
  5. The weather is so changeable. I don't like the rainy weather so , I don't like this type of weather.  In the morning it is raining , in the afternoon it  is sunny and at  night it's cloudy . I don't like the changes! 
  6. As it is not the first time I have come I know it´s rainy and sometime even cold. But we're having a miracle at the moment because it is sunny and so hot.
  7. My first impression of English weather was very good. I thought that here, it was always cold and raining but now it's sunny and hot.
  8. To  my mind the  weather in England  is like a lottery.  One day is  raining and the  next the  sun  is shining.
     9. When I think of Liverpool or England I image that the weather is always cold and everyday it was                  raining but today I can see that this year it is different.
  1. The people are very friendly and happy. They say that the people in the north are like this.
  2. The people here are very friendly .We've  made friends here.Normally they speak to us. When we don't understand they help us.
  3. The people in England are more friendly tan I had thought. I was sure that English people were very quiet, but we have made a lot of friends here.
  4. Here the people are very friendly. They always speak to us.
  5. In England the people are very kind and polite. The majority of them always say 'please' and 'thank you' . When I went to school the children always walk on the right and people wait in queues.
  6. People here are very friendly and even though you don't always understand them because of the slang is not difficult to communicate with them.
  7. English people are usually friendly in the small town , but when we went to Liverpool the people were badly behaved and they were rude.
  8. I  think that  people here are  friendly than in Spain.  They take an interest in  us.
     9.  The people here are friendly the same than Spain.. They always smile and speak with you.
  1. I am surprised because people wear short clothes , even summer clothes when it is cold.
  2. I like the clothes here because they're more fashionable than in Ceuta. I love that you can wear what you want.
  3. The clothes here are very interesting. In most of cases you can see fashion able clothes everywhere. Both when people are in a supermarket or in a restaurant.
  4. The people wear short clothes even though it is cold outside.
  5. I like the British fashion because it's very simple but everybody wears  trendy clothes. It isn't very elegant but when they've got an important event they wear nicer outfits.I love it!
  6. I like the clothes here because in spite of wearing the most horrible clothes people don't look at you.
  7. I thought that English people wore socks with flips-flops and they were unfashionable but when I arrived here. I saw that English people wore clothes more or less like Spanish people.
  8. I think that English people wear different clothes which are very colorful.. 
    9. Here People wear strange clothes similar those in Hollywood but it's cool that the people know how to         wear it.
  • FOOD
  1. The food is not as bad as I thought it would be. I have eaten everything I have even asked for seconds.
  2. English food isn't so bad.My family here cook  what I like.Yesterday we had lasagna which I love.
  3. English food is very good well at least where I am staying. When I came here, I thought that I would back to Ceuta very fat from eating too much fast food. But now I think that it´s very good food that we are eating.
  4. English food is very good. I like this food. But meal times are very different than where I live. They eat earlier.
  5. I have tasted many types of British food I like the majority of them but, for example , I don't like the Full British Breakfast because it  has mushrooms and I hate them! So , I like the English food that I have tried.
  6. The food here is good, even though people in Spain say it's awfull. I think I like it because it's homemade food anyway.
  7. Some food is similar to Spanish food. But, there are food that there aren't in Spain , for example stuffing.
  8. In my opinion the food is better than I expected but I prefer Spanish food.
     9. I'm lucky that in the house that I am staying the food tastes amazing.

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House Rules

                                                       HOUSE RULES

- Speak English at all times especially downstairs.

- When asked to do something do it with a smile and well.

- Make your bed and tidy up your room every day.

-  Bedrooms are 

- Do your chores.

- Keep to time schedule and don't be late!

- Always take part.

- Try the food even if it is only a little.

- Leave shoes in the porch wear slippers.

- Leave the bathroom tidy put mat back to dry over bath.

- Don't leave food or drink in your bedroom .

-   Don't leave rubbish in the car or anywhere in the house .
   ( put your rubblish in the bin )

-If you open a window please close it.

-If you damage something in the house you must tell Janet.

- Respect your housemates ,treat them like yourself.
   ( if you have a problem come and talk to us , 
     don't be unhappy  )


My last holidays.

Manuel (A1)

I went to Madrid. I was with my family. I stayed in Madrid for  four days. Firstly  I went to Algeciras by boat. Then  we went to Sevilla by car and to get to  Madrid we took the A.V.E
On the first day I visited the city centre and I bought clothes and shoes.
On the second day I visited ''El Palacio del Congreso'' , the cathedral , la puerta del Sol and the wax museum.
On the third day I visited ''Santiago Bernabeu Stadium'' and I watched a match there. I am a Real Madrid supporter.
We moved around Madrid by the underground.
I liked the wax museum , el Palacio del Congreso and Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. Then were lots of people in Madrid.
I loved Madrid very much!

Daniel (A1)

This holiday I went to Cómpeta a village in Málaga. I went with another family. I visited some villages like Torrox , Torrox Costa , Nerja , Frigilianas.
In Nerja I went to the caves. There were many stalactites . After that , I went to Balcon de Europa and I ate an ice-cream. In Frigilianas there were many white houses. We went all over the village that day I went to a pool. It was warm and the water was very cold . I went also to the  Plaza Mayor.
When I came back to Ceuta I went to the cinema with my friends and I saw ''Posesion Infernal''. After that , I ate an ice-cream .
I had a lot of fun.

Sara (A1)

I went to Málaga to visit my family. I travelled with my parents and my little sister , Karen.
I went by car to the port and then I travelled by boat , I hate it!
I stayed in Málaga for  2 weeks and I was very happy there.
During the first  week , my grandmother and I saw the Easter  processions on TV. At 4 o'clock , everyday , my aunt , my cousin , my little sister and I went to the park , next to my house . We played a lot of games , old games , like... ''Gori , gori! On Good Friday in the morning at 11 or 12 o'clock , we went to '' Monte Calvario'' and there we ate lemons with salt and we go to ''Monte Calvario's'' church to give money to  the poor people. It's an old tradition and we can't eat meat. My parents , my sister and I wanted to go to Ronda , but we couldn't . The last week of my holidays I wento to my uncles' house. It's a chalet! We played ludo and hide and seek. On Sunday I went to Renegado's reservoir to feed the fish , ducks and turtles and we walked a lot!
We took a lot of photos and we went for a drive to see the horses and the rest of animals...
It was very funny!

Checking into a hotel.( roleplay )

 Sonia and Salima (A1)

 Guest: Hello! Can you help me?

 Hotel owner: Yes, sure.

 Guest: Do you have a double room for a week?

 Hotel owner: Let me see... Yes, we do.

 Guest: How much is it?

 Hotel owner: It's 200 euros

 Guest: It's so expensive. Do you have a cheaper room?

 Hotel owner: No, we haven't. This room is the cheapest we have.

 Guest: Ok. Do you have any offers?

 Hotel owner: Yes, the breakfast is included, and the bathroom is en suite .

 Guest: Ok. . Is it possible to see the room?

 Hotel owner: Yes, follow me.

 Guest: I don't like it very much. Do you have another one more beautiful and for the same price?

 Hotel owner: Yes, come with me.

 Guest: Yes, I like this one. and the swimming pool? Is it free?

 Hotel owner: Yes.

 Guest: Ok, here you are ,200 euros.

 Hotel owner: Ok, here is your key. Have a good stay!

 Guest: Ok, thanks.

 Nora and Daniel (A1)

 Guest: Hello. Do you speak English?

 Hotel owner: Yes, of course.

 Guest: I need a single room.

 Hotel owner: One moment, please... Yes, I have one.

 Guest: How much is it?

 Hotel owner: 30 euros per night.

 Guest: Ok. For one week. Has the room got a  en suit  bathroom?

 Hotel owner: Yes it has.

 Guest: Is that included in the price of the room?

 Hotel owner: Yes, it's included.

 Guest: Is there a swimming pool?

 Hotel owner: Yes, if you want you can use it.

 Guest: Perfect. What's the   swimming pool opening times?

 Hotel owner: Every day; from 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

 Guest: Ok, perfect. Here is your money.

 Hotel owner: Thanks. Here are your keys. Your room is 512.

Rocio and Ingrid (A1)

Hotel owner: Hello,can I help you?

Guest: Yes,please.

Hotel owner: Do you want a single room?

Guest: No,a double room,please.

Hotel owner: Yes,but I see that you have triplets.Do you want another room?

Guest: No,thanks.Because I have a craddle.

Hotel owner: OK.The room costs 100 euros.

Guest: Has the hotel got a kindergarden?

Hotel owner: Yes,but for the three babies  it will  be 30 euros.

Guest: Well,what's the timetable?

Hotel owner: We are open 24h.

Guest: OK,what's the total?

Hotel owner: Everything is 130 euros.

Guest: OK,here you are.

Hotel owner: Thanks.

Guest: Thanks.Bye!

Hotel owner: Bye!

Ordering a coffee (roleplay )

Nora (A1)

Waiter: What do you want to order?

Client: I would like a Macciato.

Waiter: Anything else ?

Client: With a sprinkle of Cinnamon, please.

Waiter: What size ?

Client: A large, please.

Waiter: Ok, here you are.

Client: Thank you.

Waiter: Would you like a cake, cupcake...?

Client: No, thanks. How much is it ?

Waiter: I'ts 3 pounds.

Suad (A1)

Waiter: Hi, can I help you ?

Client: Hello! I would like a latte, please.

Waiter: Whats size ?

Client: A regular one , please.

Waiter: To have it here or take it away ?

Client: To take away , please.

Waiter: Anyhings else ?

Client : I would like a cupcake too, please.

Waiter: Ok, here you are. Anything else ?

Client: No, thanks. How much is it ?

Waiter:  It's 7 pounds.

Client: Here you are. Thanks!

The Constitution long weekend

This weekend which is a public holiday means the start of the Christmas celebrations. Spanish people celebrate the "SPANISH CONSTITUTION DAY" and some "THE FEAST OF THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION OF THE VIRGIN MARY",the patron saint of Spain.
There is a special buzz in the air. The streets are full of people who are taking a stroll to see the shops, streets stalls, the street lights and generally enjoying some rest days.

Lucia Mateos
...but Christmas is coming, and we need to buy food and presents. I personally only  have spent 3 euros on a frozen yoghurt over the weekend so I´m proud of myself. I went out everyday with my friend and we had a really good time. Every time we meet, we have fun because he is very funny and I love laughing. We always find something  interesting to talk about and we never get bored. I´ve had a very nice super long weekend.


Ana Ruiz
My long weekend wasn't very interesting because this weekend was the exam week so I stayed at home bored and listening to  my brother shouting. But one day I went to church. Maybe it sounds strange but I enjoyed myself a lot because in my religious group called JMV we are preparing a street market, and the money that we make is going to go to a village in Morocco. We  are going to do  a little party that in Spain they call "LA POLVORONA" and the people have  given  us a lot of things. The organising of the street market is  very hard but in  the end it is  very good day and we made a lot of money. I had a good time and I do some thing to help poor people so I think it was a successful day.


In the Constitution's long weekend I went to my friend's house to play video games. We spent all Thursday morning playing some games on my PS3 because he only has the nintendo wii and this is very old and boring. We played a football match at Fifa 2013 and I won because he isn't used to playing with the PS3 remote.
Then we changed the game and he told me that he wanted to play with the new game that my father had bought me, Resident Evil 6. This game is about zombies and has multi-player story mode. We spent -all day killing zombies.


This very long weekend I only went out one day with my mum because the rest of the time  I was ill. I went shopping  for a dress and a pair of shoes because I needed them. First I saw several dresses I liked but they cost too much. But on this day my mother was generous, so I put on the dress, but it was too big. I read the label and saw that it wasn't my size, but they didn't have a smaller one so I left so sad. But later we saw a par of high-heeled shoes which were amazing! And they weren't too expensive so my mother bought them for me. But I didn't have a dress which would go with the high-heeled shoes so we visited a lot of shops looking for a beautiful dress and finally I found it! It was incredible. I went home very happy with my new clothes, I will put them on next weekend.


Ana Bocoya
This week I haven't been out. I only went to my friend's house to prepare an oral presentation for the high-school. The presentation was about Edinburgh and we had to prepare it very well to get a good mark we spent hours preparing the presentation. We searched for a lot of information. We could only choose a little bit from each page on the internet we spoke  about the urban area that Edinburgh is made up of three green urban areas called New Town, Old Town, and the Leith, we talked about the culture and the films that they have been filmed in Edinburgh.


Paula Panal
This long weekend I only did one thing which was study. I studied all weekend because I have two important exams next Thursday and Friday. The first exam is Fy Q and I need a very good mark to pass this term because I didn't pass the other exam. I have all the exercises correct but he told me that I have the picture wrong. The second exam is for language. It's plurals and poems. I hate language but I have to study it. I general I need to pass the two exams  and   have a good mark at  school.

Natalia Lopez
This long weekend  I went out only one day because the rest I had to study because I had so many exams this week. That day I went out with my friend Carmen to go for a walk around the town centre and late we went to the cinema at 22:00 to see " Un buen partido". The film was very good. It´s about a man who was a football player and he was divorced and his child was in a football team and their trainer didn´t pay any attention to the children so he started training the team and they won many matches,and also at the end they became a family again and they get married. It was fantastic,I like it a lot. We were 2 people and us. We finished at 00:00 and my father pick us up and he left her at her house. It was a great day.

Saray Sorroche
On Saturday night I went out at night with my friends Samuel, Inmi, Eli and Maria.Of first we went to have dinner at a chinese restaurant I enjoyed other cultures food so I was very happy. Then we went to have a walk to the "Ribera" and we talked about our things. At twelve o´clock some friends said about going to a pub because we were cold. Finally we took a taxi. We paid it between everybody and I went home. I had a really good night.

Paula Aguilar
On Friday I went to a friend's house because it was her birthday. We had a small party, only her parents, my friend and I. It was quite good  but we did not do anything special,we only had a little cake and some hot chocolate. I gave her a jumper for her birthday´s present. She liked it a lot. I was very happy because I spent a lot of time in the shop buying a present for her. It was a very quiet and enjoyable day because her family were very happy and when I am
with them I´m comfortable.

Laura de Ana
This very long weekend I only went out one day with my mum because the rest of the days I was ill. I went shopping for a dress and a pair of shoes because I needed them. First I saw several dresses I liked but they cost too much. But on this day my mother was generous,so I put on the dress,but it was too big. I read the label and saw that it wasn´t my size,but they didn´t have a smaller one so I felt so sad. But later a saw a pair of high-heels shoes wich they were amazing! And they weren´t too expensive,so my mother bought them for me. But I didn´t have a dress wich would go with the high-heels shoes so we visited a lot of shops looking for a beautiful dress and finally found it!It was incredible. I went home very happy with my new clothes. I will put them on next weekend.

Marta Ruiz
Last weekend was special because it was the "Constitution Long Weekend". I spend the four days studying and doing homework. I didn´t enjoy it so I to do something funny.Suddenly on Saturday night my friend Claudia called me and asked me to go to her house and slept there. I thought that it was a good idea and I went to her house. We had a fun night watching TV,talking,...We didn´t sleep until after 5 o´clock.

In the Constitucion´s long weekend I went to my friend´s house to play videogames. We spent all Thursday morning playing some games on my PS3. I brought my PS3 because he only the Nintendo Wii and this is very old and boring. We played a football match at FIFA 2013 and I won because he isn´t used to playing with the PS3 remote. Then we changed the game and he told me that he wanted to play with the new game that my father had bought me,Ressident Evil 6. This game is about zombies and has multiplayers story mode. We passed spend all day killing zombies.

Miguel Angel
In the long weekend I  had prepare my maths exams. It was so difficult because it was four units. Futhermore I had to study other exams but the maths exam was the important. Last week,I was nervous before the maths exam. When the teacher gave me the exam, I saw it and I thought "I´m going to pass this exam,I´m sure". When I finish it ,I was relaxed.I think,I did my best in this exam. When I went to the maths department to ask about my exam the teacher told me that I hadn´t pass the exam. I told him it was impossible,that´s truth. He has told the wrong mark. He told me congratulations that the mark was my classmates and not mine.

Useful sentences

  • I don´t understand     = No lo entiendo/comprendo
  • Can you speak slowly?    = ¿Puedes hablar más despacio?
  • How do you say this in English?    =  ¿Como se dice eso en ingles?
  • Throw the paper  in the bin  =  Tira el papel a la basura
  • In which bin shall I throw this? =  ¿En que papelera puedo tirar esto?
  • Is this the recycling bin?   =  ¿Es esto la papeleras de reciclaje?
  • Where is the toilet please?  =   ¿Donde esta el servicio por favor?
  • I´m hungry,Can I have  something to eat?   =Estoy hambrienta ¿puedo coger algo para comer?
  • How much is it? = ¿Cuanto es eso?
  • When are we going home? =  ¿Cuándo vamos a volver a casa?
  • When are we going to walk the dogs? =  ¿Cuándo vamos a pasear los perros?
  • Why are the dogs on the terrace? =¿Por qué están los perros en la terraza?
  • I´m going to tell you what I´m going to do =Te voy a explicar lo que voy a hacer
  • What are we going to do tonight? ?= ¿Qué vamos a cenar esta noche?
  • what are we going to have for breaksfast/ lunch? = ¿Que vamos a comer ahora?
  • Spread the chocolate on the pancakes  = Untar elchocolate en las tortitas
  • We´ve to put the photos on the computer =Tenemos que pasar las fotos al ordenador
  • We´ve to put the dishes/plates in the dishwashes = Hemos puesto los platos en el lavavajillas
  • We,ve to make our bed now  = Tenemos que hacer la cama ahora
  • Plug the computer  into the socket  = Enchufa el ordenador en el encufe
  • Where is the plug? =¿Dónde esta el enchufe?
  • I´m going to empty the dishwashes  = Voy a vaciar el labavajillas
  • How can you edit it? = ¿Cómo puedo editarlo?
  • Switch it up = Sube el volumen
  • Put it louder  = Sube el volumen
  • I can't hear = No oigo
  • What did she say? =  Que ha dicho ella?
  • When she hung up =  Cuando se cuelga 
  • Hang up now  = cuelga ahora
  •   May  I phone my parents? =Puedo llamar a mis padres?
  • May I have a drink?  = Me das algo de beber?
  • We have 600 hits.  =  Tenemos 600 visitas.
  •   Cogoule   =  Chubasquero
  • Bannister  =Barandilla.
  • To make my bed  = Hacer la cama
  • a drawer = un cajon
  • toiletries = Neceser.
  • remote control = mandos de la TV
  • cushion = cojin
  •  blinds  =  persianas
  • ice dispenser  = dispensador de hielo.
  • hob=cooker= stove = horno.
  • pans=pots  = cacerola
  • frying pan   = Sarten
  • roasting tin
  • gadgets = chisme 
  • table spoon = Cuchara.
  • Dishwasher = fregaplatos
  • kitchen paper = papel de cocina
  • lay the table / set the table =  poner la mesa 
  • dinner plate = Plato llano.
  • soup plate = Plato hondo.
  • side plate  = Platitio.
  • clear away  = Recoger la mesa.
  •     sink  = grifo
  • to be pouring down  = Diluviar.
  • dog slobber  = Saliva de perro.
  • sunday lunch  = almuerzo del domingo
  • roast potatoes  = patata asada
  • mashed potatoes =  pure de patatas.
  • roast chicken  = pollo asado
  • peas = guisantes
  • carrots  = zanahorias
  • stuffing  = pan relleno de pollo
  • yorkshire pudding =  tortita
  • gravy  = salsa de carne
  • main course = plato principal
  • custard cream  =  galletas de crema.
  • to pack a suitcase =  hacer la maleta
  • to unpack a suitcase = desacer la maleta

  •  a pet hate  = mania