jueves, 27 de junio de 2013

Checking into a hotel.( roleplay )

 Sonia and Salima (A1)

 Guest: Hello! Can you help me?

 Hotel owner: Yes, sure.

 Guest: Do you have a double room for a week?

 Hotel owner: Let me see... Yes, we do.

 Guest: How much is it?

 Hotel owner: It's 200 euros

 Guest: It's so expensive. Do you have a cheaper room?

 Hotel owner: No, we haven't. This room is the cheapest we have.

 Guest: Ok. Do you have any offers?

 Hotel owner: Yes, the breakfast is included, and the bathroom is en suite .

 Guest: Ok. . Is it possible to see the room?

 Hotel owner: Yes, follow me.

 Guest: I don't like it very much. Do you have another one more beautiful and for the same price?

 Hotel owner: Yes, come with me.

 Guest: Yes, I like this one. and the swimming pool? Is it free?

 Hotel owner: Yes.

 Guest: Ok, here you are ,200 euros.

 Hotel owner: Ok, here is your key. Have a good stay!

 Guest: Ok, thanks.

 Nora and Daniel (A1)

 Guest: Hello. Do you speak English?

 Hotel owner: Yes, of course.

 Guest: I need a single room.

 Hotel owner: One moment, please... Yes, I have one.

 Guest: How much is it?

 Hotel owner: 30 euros per night.

 Guest: Ok. For one week. Has the room got a  en suit  bathroom?

 Hotel owner: Yes it has.

 Guest: Is that included in the price of the room?

 Hotel owner: Yes, it's included.

 Guest: Is there a swimming pool?

 Hotel owner: Yes, if you want you can use it.

 Guest: Perfect. What's the   swimming pool opening times?

 Hotel owner: Every day; from 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

 Guest: Ok, perfect. Here is your money.

 Hotel owner: Thanks. Here are your keys. Your room is 512.

Rocio and Ingrid (A1)

Hotel owner: Hello,can I help you?

Guest: Yes,please.

Hotel owner: Do you want a single room?

Guest: No,a double room,please.

Hotel owner: Yes,but I see that you have triplets.Do you want another room?

Guest: No,thanks.Because I have a craddle.

Hotel owner: OK.The room costs 100 euros.

Guest: Has the hotel got a kindergarden?

Hotel owner: Yes,but for the three babies  it will  be 30 euros.

Guest: Well,what's the timetable?

Hotel owner: We are open 24h.

Guest: OK,what's the total?

Hotel owner: Everything is 130 euros.

Guest: OK,here you are.

Hotel owner: Thanks.

Guest: Thanks.Bye!

Hotel owner: Bye!

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