jueves, 27 de junio de 2013

My last holidays.

Manuel (A1)

I went to Madrid. I was with my family. I stayed in Madrid for  four days. Firstly  I went to Algeciras by boat. Then  we went to Sevilla by car and to get to  Madrid we took the A.V.E
On the first day I visited the city centre and I bought clothes and shoes.
On the second day I visited ''El Palacio del Congreso'' , the cathedral , la puerta del Sol and the wax museum.
On the third day I visited ''Santiago Bernabeu Stadium'' and I watched a match there. I am a Real Madrid supporter.
We moved around Madrid by the underground.
I liked the wax museum , el Palacio del Congreso and Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. Then were lots of people in Madrid.
I loved Madrid very much!

Daniel (A1)

This holiday I went to Cómpeta a village in Málaga. I went with another family. I visited some villages like Torrox , Torrox Costa , Nerja , Frigilianas.
In Nerja I went to the caves. There were many stalactites . After that , I went to Balcon de Europa and I ate an ice-cream. In Frigilianas there were many white houses. We went all over the village that day I went to a pool. It was warm and the water was very cold . I went also to the  Plaza Mayor.
When I came back to Ceuta I went to the cinema with my friends and I saw ''Posesion Infernal''. After that , I ate an ice-cream .
I had a lot of fun.

Sara (A1)

I went to Málaga to visit my family. I travelled with my parents and my little sister , Karen.
I went by car to the port and then I travelled by boat , I hate it!
I stayed in Málaga for  2 weeks and I was very happy there.
During the first  week , my grandmother and I saw the Easter  processions on TV. At 4 o'clock , everyday , my aunt , my cousin , my little sister and I went to the park , next to my house . We played a lot of games , old games , like... ''Gori , gori! On Good Friday in the morning at 11 or 12 o'clock , we went to '' Monte Calvario'' and there we ate lemons with salt and we go to ''Monte Calvario's'' church to give money to  the poor people. It's an old tradition and we can't eat meat. My parents , my sister and I wanted to go to Ronda , but we couldn't . The last week of my holidays I wento to my uncles' house. It's a chalet! We played ludo and hide and seek. On Sunday I went to Renegado's reservoir to feed the fish , ducks and turtles and we walked a lot!
We took a lot of photos and we went for a drive to see the horses and the rest of animals...
It was very funny!

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