jueves, 27 de junio de 2013

House Rules

                                                       HOUSE RULES

- Speak English at all times especially downstairs.

- When asked to do something do it with a smile and well.

- Make your bed and tidy up your room every day.

-  Bedrooms are 

- Do your chores.

- Keep to time schedule and don't be late!

- Always take part.

- Try the food even if it is only a little.

- Leave shoes in the porch wear slippers.

- Leave the bathroom tidy put mat back to dry over bath.

- Don't leave food or drink in your bedroom .

-   Don't leave rubbish in the car or anywhere in the house .
   ( put your rubblish in the bin )

-If you open a window please close it.

-If you damage something in the house you must tell Janet.

- Respect your housemates ,treat them like yourself.
   ( if you have a problem come and talk to us , 
     don't be unhappy  )


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