domingo, 29 de septiembre de 2013

Essay Fast food vs home-cooked food

Everyday before cooking my dinner I always think about whether I should cook or not and what kind of  food I should  eat.  It’s always the same food and  it doesn’t taste good. However, if I eat out, it is more convenient  and there are more choices.  Many people have a similar problem like I do . Food is plentiful and  we can see  restaurants where  to eat everywhere , therefore, many people like to have fast food. Nevertheless, fast food is not always good. If we  compare  fast food with home-cooked food there are some  differences.
The biggest advantage of fast food is  the price. Fast food  commercials always emphasize  their prices  it is cheaper. For example,  if you wanted to make a  burger at home, you would  need to buy bread,mince meat , and lettuce. If you bought  all these things, you would  pay more money than  at a fast food restaurant.
Another point is the quality of the food. When you cook at home, you can control which ingredients you use, how to cook and with what  . So you can use more fresh and healthy ingredients than fast food chains . Fast food restaurant food contain high cholesterols, trans fat, moreover, it also contains high calorie which leads to  bad  nutrition. Therefore, home-cooked food is of a  high quality also you can feel better about your foods.
The last difference between fast food and cooking at home is time. The reason why many people go to fast food restaurants is to save time .  Just five or ten minutes after ordering  you will  get your food. In addition, fast food restaurants have drive-thru so you don’t need to get out of your car.
Fast food and home-cook food have many different points. On price and time fast food has more advantages, but home-cooked food offers you  more  healthier benefits and quality . From my perspective, fast food has more benefits than cooking at home. However, even it is cheaper  I prefer to eat home-cooked food  because it is healthier and more  nutritious.


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