martes, 12 de noviembre de 2013

Small or big family?

I would prefer a small family so that I wouldn't spend so much money. If you have a lot of children you have to buy more things than  if you have one or two children. Also you can't save much money which means you can't travel to many places for example.
Another reason why a small family is better is that you can pay more attention to the children. You can help them with their homework or play with them. If you have a lot of children you don't have a lot of  time to spend with them, like if you have only a  few children.
The only bad thing is if you have only one child, maybe he would feel alone, so it's better to have more than two children.

Lucía Guerrero García.

Now a days people have less children because they think that if you don't have enough money,you shouldn't have too many children and unfortunately its true.
I would prefer a big family because you would never be alone, you would be with people and have fun with your siblings, but you would have to share everything with them. I am an only child. I don't think that I'm selfish or spoilt. I get everything only for me, but I'm bored most of the time. Another disadvantage is when I argue  with my parents nobody is there to support me.
I think that maybe the people who live in a big family are more stressed and would prefer a small family. But I can't think that, in this world nothing is better than a big family.
My mum was pregnant with three children triplets, but she lost them. She had to have an openation and she can't  have any more children, for this reason, I'm an only child.

Claudia Castro Martín.

Using 'must' & 'have to'

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Adjectives & Adverbs

A Love Story in Phrasal Verbs

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