viernes, 27 de junio de 2014

Our screaming day in London.

Changing of the guard.

The men you can see in front of Buckingham Palace who wear a red jacket ,black trousers and a bearskin hat are the Queen's Guard. At the front of the palace there are four Foot Guards, and when The Queen is away there are two.
Foot Guards wear a destintive hat.
-Actually, the hats are made from fur of the Canadian black bears. The British hatmarkers purchose between 50-100 black bear skin each year.
-In the past, they were used to frighten away the enemy because the hats make the Guard look taller.
Everyday at 11.30, they make the traditional Changing of the Guard which is a ceremony where they change over their dutes.
The five Regiments of Foot Guards are:
- The Grenadier Guards.
- The Coldstream Guards.
- The Scots Guards.
- The Irish Guards.
- The Welsh Guard.
I have always wanted to see the Changing of the Guards. When we came to Buckingham Palace there weren't a lot of people, I thought there would be more.
The guards were playing their musical instruments while they were marching on the way to the Palace.
It was fantastic and I liked the music so much. I took a lot of photos.



The British History National Museum is a museum in London where people go to learn more about natural history. It is one of three large museums on Exhibition Road in South Kensington.
The museum is enormous. There are five main collections: botany, entomology, mineralogy, palaeontology and zoology with more than 70 million items.
The museum is very famous for its exhibition of dinosaur skeletons.
We couldn't see all the galleries because there are a lot of them. But we saw Dinosaurs and Mammals.
For many, the Naturals History Museum is synonymous with dinosaurs so Dinosaurs are one of the most important and popular galleries.
I really like this gallery because there are a lot of different types of dinosaurs like Pachycephalosaurus, Velociraptor, Triceratops or Tyrannosaurus Rex.
The last one is known as T.rex. It is one of the most popular dinosaurs because it was very strong, big and moves.
Althought T. rex is very famous, my favourite dinosaur is Triceratops.
Triceratops were beautiful and big. They were herbivorous too and they had three horns. I think that they were very similar to that of the rhinoceros.
After that, we went to see the mammals. You can find two parts in this gallery.
In the first part, there are some specimens in glass cases like lions, pandas, horses, etc.
In the second part, there a lot of animals display without glass cases like elephants, rhinos and dolphins, etc.
There is a massive blue whale as the centrepiece. The blue whale is a visitor favourite. It was very enormous with more than 30 metres long.
Finally, we went to the shop in order to buy some souvenir but they are more expensive. We couldn't buy a lot.
From my point of view, this museum is very fascinating. I learnt more about a lot of dinosaurs and mammals. I want to go again in order to see the other galleries.


Westminster is a district of central London. It's on the north bank od the River Thames. It's Famous for Big Ben, Palace of Westminster, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and Westmister Cathedral.
Westminster district is a part of the West End of London. It's also the location of the West End Theatreland área.
The city of Westminster contains Westminster Abbey, Westminster Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parlament and St. Jame's Palace.
On our tour of London we visited Big Ben and Parlament. I thought that Big Ben was very tall. Parlament was very big and I liked the outside.
Big Ben is the nickname for the Great Bell wich chimes in the clock tower. Big Ben tower is 96'3 metres tall and 13'8 tonnes. 
Parlamient which was the home of the king and Queens until 1513, is a very big place near the river Thames and next to the Big Ben's tower. It has two floors. On the first flor, there's the house of the communsand on the second floor, there's the house of Lords. I like the London tour very much because there are a lot of interesting things to visit and sees.

Trafalgar Square.

Trafalgar Square s one of the most importanttourist attraction in central London in honour of the british victory by the Admiral Lord Nelson at the battle of Trafalgar. There are a lot of monuments to see, like four big Lions, Nelson's colum or you can see diferent monuments. The famous four lions which guard the square are made from old battleships. Also, there is a big fountain there. There are fourth plinths in the square. One is empty and it change every three months. Now there is one big blue cock that it's a sculpture by the german artist Katharina Fritsch. The cock represents in a humorous way masculinity. The color blue it's typical of the artist painting. The bird is made of fabreglass and it is 4'72 metres high. It's tok two years to make.

                                                 London Eye.

The London Eye is a giant Ferris wheel.
It stands on the South Bank of the River Thames in London, between Westminster and Hungerford Bridges. It is the world's highest observation wheel. It stands 135 metres high. It was constructed in sections which were floated up the River Thames.
The total wight of steel if the Eye is 1,700 tonnes.
It can carry 800 passengers at a time on a 30 minute ride, 32 people in each capsule.
On the top, you can see a beautiful view of London and take photos.
You get on and off the London Eye while it's moving. It doesn't stop.
I thought that I would be scared of heghts.
When I was at the top I saw the view and I took photos. On the way down a big camera took a photo of us which I bought in the souvenir shop. It was an amazing experience. 

                                  Leicester Square and Picadilly Circus.

Leicester Square is a pedestrianised Square in the West End of London.
In this area, there are a lot of cinmeas and theatres. Leicester Square hosts the majority of British movie premieres.In the evenings, the square become extremely busy. Many if the tourist spend their time at clubs and bars.
You can also see some statues like William Shakespeare has a foundation in the centre, Charlie Chaplin and Isaac Newton have busts near by the centeral garden.
 Picadilly Circus is a busy square in the heart of London. It is a famous for the fountain called Shaftesbury Memorial FOuntain which stands at the center of the Circus.
On the top of the fountain there is an Eros statue.The fountain was made in bronze, but the statue is made of aluminum. Picadilly means circle. Many people use the steps at the bottom of the statue as a meeting place.


My opinion about London It is a very good place to visit  It has many shops and London is very famous all over  the world .  Big Ben clock tower  is very tall. The London eye is a good attraction but It doesn t  move very fast . My favourite monument is the blue cock  because  it is the most visited monument by the tourist . It is made of fibreglass where  this monument is here you will find four lions , a fountain and a Nelson Colum . Buckingham palace is one of Queens homes Every day they have the Changing of the Guide ceremony . At the national history museum I liked the dinosaurs exhibitions. Dinosaurs were my favourite  because I like them all . In the other halls there are pigs , elephants and a massive whale  that lives  in the water .London is a exciting  place  to  visit with many land  marks. I recomend that
 when visiting England you see London.

martes, 24 de junio de 2014

Liverpool, the city with two Cathedrals

At 9:55 we were at Widnes train station waiting for the train. The train was delayed because it was nine minutes late. Then, from Liverpool's train station we went to the Metropolitan Cathedral which is Catholic. We spend one hour more or less. When we saw everything we went to the Liverpool Cathedral which is Anglican, by Hope Street, which connects both Cathedrals. We saw a lot of ''Lambananas'' there, which are the symbol of Culture year. Later, we went to see the gate of Chinatown it is the oldest in Europe. After that we went to Albert Dock, that is a lesure area. Finally we went to the Museum of Liverpool that was awesome, it had a lot of historical things and it was interesting and showed us the history of Liverpool through sport and social events. When we finished we walked slowly back to Lime Street to catch the train. I like Liverpool very much because there are a lot of ''The Beatles'' souveniers and my father loves them.

It was a hot sunny day. We took a train at 10:14 because it was delayed. I thought that the train would never arrive at Lime Street Station. It took around 15 minutes.
Firstly we went to the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King -I liked this Cathedral the most- We took a lot of photos in and outside.
Afterwards, we walked from the Cathedral, to another which was in the Rodney Street, the Liverpool Cathedral. But before that, we had taken some photo in the cementery which was once a quarry were stone was taken for the buildings in Liverpool and it was next to the Liverpool Cathedral.
Then we went to Alber Dock. We ate a sandwich and we went to buy some souvenirs.
We took photos with the "Lambananas". 
Finally, we visited the Museums of Liverpool. It was fantastic and very interesting.
We saw a video which told us about The Beatle's life.
The Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King is one of the greatest Catholic churches in the world.
The Cathedral is where the Archbishop of Liverpool lives. This place is the heart of all the diocesan celebration and daily workship of God.
The design and construction of the Metropolitan Cathedral incorporates breathtaking ceremonies.
The Cathedral organ has 4,565 pipes and 88 speaking stops on 4 manuals.


We got up very early because we couldn´t miss the train. When we arrived at the Widnes train station, we waited more than 20 minutes because the train was delayed.
Then we spent around 15 minutes on the train.
Later we left Lime Street Station and we began to walk towards The Metropolitan Cathedral of Chirst the King which I really liked it. 
We visited Liverpool Cathedral which looks very old and beautiful.
Then we went to Albert Dock in order to look at it and to have lunch. We enjoyed shopping a lotand taking photos at Albert Dock. There are more than 20 lambananas.
We also visited the Museum of Liverpool where there are many different and interesting things about the History of life in Liverpool.
The Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King Liverpool is very important for the catholic celebration. It is kwon as "Paddy's Wigwam" too.
The construction of the cathedral began in 1962 and took five years. The cathedral's architect was Frederick Gibberd who won a world design competition with the design of this cathedral. 
Many important events have taken place since the opening of the cathedral like the visit of the Queen in 1977.
Finally, I think that there are a lot of interesting place in Liverpool to look at and visit. I hope we go again another day.

We left  the house at 9:30 am . Then we caught the train at 10:15 am. It took  15 mins. I took many 
photograps all day. We went of the Metropolitan Cathedral. It is a modern church where many tourist visit it. The Cathedral has space  for  2300 people. On the cathedral walls are embroiderd hangings. The stained glass in the windows create beautiful light. When we left the Cathedral we bought some  souvenirs .After that we went to the cementery which is below the Anglican Cathedral.  The liverpool Cathedral  is very old. It took many years to build. The high tower is 53m high.It is made from stone .It was amazing inside with all the stone and wood craft work .
Later in the afternoon we went to Albert Dock and the Museum of Liverpool.
We enjoyed our day .

At the World Museum there are 5 floors. On each floor there is a different gallery or exhibition for example the Aquarium, the Bug House, the Ancient World etc...
On the last floor there is a planetarium.
It's free to get in. It first opened in 1853.

We went to Liverpool to see the World Museum. 
There were 5 floors and different galleries on each floor.
First, we went where there was sea species, the Aquarium. I love it very much. The gallery I hated was about the insects. It was awful and horrible. It made my skin crawl. I didn't like this part of museum a lot because I am afraid of these insects.
Then, we went to buy some souvenirs. 
Just before going home, we went to the Cavern Club, where Beatles played, to take photos. It was full of druken people. So we had to be careful.

We went to Liverpool again to visit The World Museum and The Cavern because we couldn't see everything in just one day.
First, we went to the World Museum which has five floors. I didn't like the second floor really because there were a lot of  insects and I hate them.
As I see it, the most interesting floor was the first because it was an Aquarium with many different types of fish and sharks.
I think that the gallery of dinosaurs was smaller and more boring than in the National History Museum in London.
Later, we went to The Cavern which is a famous bar where The Beatles went to play their concerts when they weren't famous.
I think that this day was very funny and we could see many different specimens in the museum.

Talking about Ceuta

Ceuta is in the north of africa , but it´s Spanish.It  is a beautiful place. Here there are  Christians, Muslims, Hindi, Chinese and Jewish. This city has many interesting  places for example the Royal Walls  or the beaches , but there´s a neighbordhood called the Prince and it´s the worst place in the city.

In conclusion , Ceuta is a beautiful and peaceful place to live and I like it a lot.


Ceuta is situated in the North of Africa. There are  four cultures who live here (Christians, Muslim, Hindu and Jewish). The majority is Christian or  Muslim.

Ceuta's food is fantastic because there is a large  of variety fish. Also you have the oportunity to eat food from other cultures.

The city is small but you can see some important things for examples The Royals Wall, Argentina Park, and some museums.

In my opinion. I like it but only to come on holiday.


I'm going to talk about Ceuta.

Ceuta is an autonomous city and it's in the north at Africa. It's a very small city but  it  is  also  very beatiful. Ceuta has a lot of monuments like the Franco's foot, the Hercules' statue, the mastil of Cañonero Dato, etc.
These are so many beautiful beaches  such as  La Rivera, Calamocarro and Chorrillo. Also you can visit Mount Hacho and see the spectacular vegetation that it has.

It's a wonderful city to visit.


If you want to come to my home town you need to caught a boat.

The peculiarity of Ceuta is that its a Spanish autonomous city like Melilla in the North of Africa If you come here, I think you would like it because it is a very beautiful city.  Here in Ceuta, you can visit the churches or the beaches. There are four  kinds of religions: Christian, Muslim, Hebrew and Hindu. The Ceuta 's Patron Saint is Saint Daniel. The activities that you can do are: hiking, swimming, running, etc.

The conclusion is that Ceuta is  worth visiting.


Ceuta is a beautiful city in the north of Africa. It's a Spanish autonomous city in. It's a coastal city between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Opposite it has got Mainland Spain which is separated by the Straits of Gibraltar. In Ceuta four differents culture live: Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Hindu.

In Ceuta you can visit some important museum or monuments like " Royal  Walls " or " Arabics Baths ". And if you come in summer you ca go to the Mediterranean water Park. It's quite good!


I'm not from Ceuta, but I have  always thought of  Ceuta to be  a very beautiful city situated in the north of Africa.

Although Ceuta is small, you  can visit  some places where you can have fun, for example, the beaches or the Mediterranean water Park, here are fantastic.

Another very interesting thing is the different cultures that live  here. There are  Muslim, Jewish, Christian and Hindu people..

Ceuta is very near to Morroco, so you can also visit this country when you are here.

The city has a lot of good things but they have some bad things, too for example, something which sometimes  gets on my nerves is that there are people who don't speak Spanish, so you can't comunicate with them, that hardly ever happens but when it does...

Well, Ceuta is a different and interesting city, where many cultures who live together , so I recomend that you visit the city.


lunes, 23 de junio de 2014

What means the word family to you?

For me the family means incondittional love.Your family is going to love you even though you dont love them.
But there is another opinion.They are more than a relative by blood or marriage.It means the people accept you no matter who you are.

Conversation- Are you good at ...?

A-Are you a good swimmer?
B-Very good it´s good fun
A-When did you learn?
B-8 years ago, when I went with my brother to the swimming pool
A-How did you learn?
B-The first time my brother taught me and when I realised I  liked it  I started to go every weekend
A- Did you find it easy or difficult?
B-I found it easy because I learnt  quickly

Letter to a friend

Dear Cris,
Sorry for not writing earlier but my computer has been broken since July and I couldn't write to you (anyw. Thank you very much for having me to stay at your house . I had a fantastic week I felt at home, very comfortable. It was very nice to meet your son. He is very cute.  I loved everywhere you took me.
For the two months that I haven't had my computer. I've been preparing my exams to enter into University. That's all for now I hope to write to you soon next time.
Give my love to Erik, your son.
Best wishes.

Dear Maisie ;
Sorry for not writing earlier I was in Malaga last weekend. How was your weekend? Mine was fantastic but  I'm very tired.
I think it's normal. I went to my cousin's home. I haven't seen them for two years so I was so happy. We went to the swimming pool and  swam all morning.
In the afternoon, we ate at an Italian restaurant which reminded me of  you when we were at your house last month.
In the evening we played basketball and we had dinner at your  house. Anyway that's all, I remembered you and I wanted to say thanks because I forgot  last month.

Dear Roberto:
Last month I was very happy in your house, with our friends. When are you going to come to my house? I liked  meeting your friends a lot , especially Álvaro , I think he  is a very good person, except when in the cinema, he didnt stop talking during  the film.
Please write me soon. Edu.

Dear Mary
Sorry for not writing earlier but my course is ending now  which menas I have had  a lot of exams so I've been studying.
I'm writing   to ask how  you  and your parents are . As well I would like to thank you for all everything you did for me when I stayed with you.
I had a lot of fun with you and your friends all week. They are great girls. You are very lucky to have them.
The important thing is that I hope I'll go back again, if you write of course.
And if you want you can come to my house, wherever you want. My parents would like to meet you one day .
Well take care and write back soon
All the best

First sight - Widnes

My first impression was very good because everything was so cool. I like the neighborhood because the houses are all similar and all of them have two floors and a garden. There are detached and semidetached houses.
The shops are better here than in Ceuta because here there are second hands shops where the money goes to charity, or ''one pound'' shops where there are curious things. Some are very expensive but other are very cheap!

One of things that surprised me was the very cheap shops. In one shop you can buy everything for only 1 pound. You can find a lot of different things to buy like food, drinks, cups, plates, toys, etc. It's near Widnes Market which I really like.
There are a lot of charity shops where people give their clothes or books to help ill people or less fortunate people. I bought a bikini from a clothes shop but I wanted to buy everything because the clothes were more beautiful and cheaper than in the shops in Ceuta.
Another thing I really like here is that there are a lot of dogs. I love dog and looking after them. Especially, I like Husky, Labrador and Alsatian.
In my opinion, it's such a very good place to live and to buy a lot of things. It's so quiet and calm.

I like "the one pound shop" because everything there only cost one pound. The shops were cheaper than in Spain. There are a lot of different types of shops.
The neighbourhood is very clean and silent. To throw the rubbish on the floor is forbidden. English people separate the organic food from the non-organic food .Their rubbish bin are collected once a week.
It is full of pets, and the owners go for a walk with them everybody and they take them to a park which is near by. They pick up the dog poo. The park next to the house is huge and green. The owners let the dogs run about and play with other dogs.
Another thing I like are the houses. They are so beautiful. They aren't very big -they only have two floors- they have a big garden too.
I love the fireplace very much because I've always wanted one.
I think it's a good place to spend your holidays.

My  first impresion were the houses  because in Ceuta we haven't got this kind of houses .
We live in flats. I live on the 1st floor. In England the houses have an upstairs and a downstairs. They normally have a front garden with so many flower is nice to see.

My first impresion when I arrive at Manchester´s airport was the low temperature because it was very cold and raining. When Jannet pick up us there was a traffic jam for half an hour on the way we saw landmarks of widnes like Flidders Ferry power station tower and Jubilee bridge. I saw many houses which looked more o less the same. In my opinion is that these houses are big. they all hacve front garden and back gardens. It´s a shame that a dont live in a house i think it would be better.

Crosby Beach - Another place

This is a permanent art feature  of 100 cast-iron life-sized figures .They are on  nearly 3 miles  of beach across Crosby  between Waterloo and Blundellsands.
The figures, each weighing an astonishing 650 kilos are of the artist, Anthony Gormley and are stood looking out to sea towards an horizon busy with shipping cargos.
Gormley states that the figures represent the flow of the tide to explore mans relationship with nature. 
Crosby beach is a non-bathing beach with areas of soft sand and mud and a risk of changing tides. Visitors should stay within 50 metres of the promenade at all tides and not attempt to walk out to the furthest figures.

Crosby Beach is near the river Mersey. We got there by car. It took about 30 minutes to arrive. 
My first impression was the changing tides.There was a large garden where some kids were flying kites.I could see horses. 
We walked to see the figures. There were some areas of soft sand and mud, our feet sunk into it. The figures were covered in barnacales and seaweed. They looked dirty.
In my opinion, Crosby Beach,  isn't a place to put art. It is a waste of money to make those figures. But It could be a tourist atraction.

Crosby Beach is a really special beach. It is near the River Mersey. It's a tourist attraction because there are a lot of figures on the beach.
When you see  the beach from a distance the figures look like real people. But when you are walking on the beach you realise that they are figures made from cast iron. They look very dirty with a lot of mud and barnacles on them.
I was very surprised because the weather was very nice and there was a Kite's display. 
I don't like mud but I enjoyed this experience a lot even when we were very dirty and covered in mud.
For my point of view, Crosby beach is a great place where people go to visit and to have a good time.

Crosby beach water  is far away . The tide comes and goes . It has a lot of figures which are made from cast iron.
The beach has some mud so   you  have to be careful.
In my opinion, it is  a good beach to go to see the figures which are very beautiful.

Crosby beach is a good place to visit and spend the day. There are a lot figures of men made from cast iron. All the figures, have an identification number. The first thing that you can see are a lot of men standung on the beach and the tide crashes against them to watch this is  scary. When you go to see them, they are covered on barnacles and green seaweed. Depending on the figure, they are in the sand and mud. 
A funny thing happened. Our teacher stood onto some soft sand. She was unluky because she sunk upto her knees and couldn't move. We found it hilarious.