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Talking about Ceuta

Ceuta is in the north of africa , but it´s Spanish.It  is a beautiful place. Here there are  Christians, Muslims, Hindi, Chinese and Jewish. This city has many interesting  places for example the Royal Walls  or the beaches , but there´s a neighbordhood called the Prince and it´s the worst place in the city.

In conclusion , Ceuta is a beautiful and peaceful place to live and I like it a lot.


Ceuta is situated in the North of Africa. There are  four cultures who live here (Christians, Muslim, Hindu and Jewish). The majority is Christian or  Muslim.

Ceuta's food is fantastic because there is a large  of variety fish. Also you have the oportunity to eat food from other cultures.

The city is small but you can see some important things for examples The Royals Wall, Argentina Park, and some museums.

In my opinion. I like it but only to come on holiday.


I'm going to talk about Ceuta.

Ceuta is an autonomous city and it's in the north at Africa. It's a very small city but  it  is  also  very beatiful. Ceuta has a lot of monuments like the Franco's foot, the Hercules' statue, the mastil of Cañonero Dato, etc.
These are so many beautiful beaches  such as  La Rivera, Calamocarro and Chorrillo. Also you can visit Mount Hacho and see the spectacular vegetation that it has.

It's a wonderful city to visit.


If you want to come to my home town you need to caught a boat.

The peculiarity of Ceuta is that its a Spanish autonomous city like Melilla in the North of Africa If you come here, I think you would like it because it is a very beautiful city.  Here in Ceuta, you can visit the churches or the beaches. There are four  kinds of religions: Christian, Muslim, Hebrew and Hindu. The Ceuta 's Patron Saint is Saint Daniel. The activities that you can do are: hiking, swimming, running, etc.

The conclusion is that Ceuta is  worth visiting.


Ceuta is a beautiful city in the north of Africa. It's a Spanish autonomous city in. It's a coastal city between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Opposite it has got Mainland Spain which is separated by the Straits of Gibraltar. In Ceuta four differents culture live: Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Hindu.

In Ceuta you can visit some important museum or monuments like " Royal  Walls " or " Arabics Baths ". And if you come in summer you ca go to the Mediterranean water Park. It's quite good!


I'm not from Ceuta, but I have  always thought of  Ceuta to be  a very beautiful city situated in the north of Africa.

Although Ceuta is small, you  can visit  some places where you can have fun, for example, the beaches or the Mediterranean water Park, here are fantastic.

Another very interesting thing is the different cultures that live  here. There are  Muslim, Jewish, Christian and Hindu people..

Ceuta is very near to Morroco, so you can also visit this country when you are here.

The city has a lot of good things but they have some bad things, too for example, something which sometimes  gets on my nerves is that there are people who don't speak Spanish, so you can't comunicate with them, that hardly ever happens but when it does...

Well, Ceuta is a different and interesting city, where many cultures who live together , so I recomend that you visit the city.


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