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Liverpool, the city with two Cathedrals

At 9:55 we were at Widnes train station waiting for the train. The train was delayed because it was nine minutes late. Then, from Liverpool's train station we went to the Metropolitan Cathedral which is Catholic. We spend one hour more or less. When we saw everything we went to the Liverpool Cathedral which is Anglican, by Hope Street, which connects both Cathedrals. We saw a lot of ''Lambananas'' there, which are the symbol of Culture year. Later, we went to see the gate of Chinatown it is the oldest in Europe. After that we went to Albert Dock, that is a lesure area. Finally we went to the Museum of Liverpool that was awesome, it had a lot of historical things and it was interesting and showed us the history of Liverpool through sport and social events. When we finished we walked slowly back to Lime Street to catch the train. I like Liverpool very much because there are a lot of ''The Beatles'' souveniers and my father loves them.

It was a hot sunny day. We took a train at 10:14 because it was delayed. I thought that the train would never arrive at Lime Street Station. It took around 15 minutes.
Firstly we went to the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King -I liked this Cathedral the most- We took a lot of photos in and outside.
Afterwards, we walked from the Cathedral, to another which was in the Rodney Street, the Liverpool Cathedral. But before that, we had taken some photo in the cementery which was once a quarry were stone was taken for the buildings in Liverpool and it was next to the Liverpool Cathedral.
Then we went to Alber Dock. We ate a sandwich and we went to buy some souvenirs.
We took photos with the "Lambananas". 
Finally, we visited the Museums of Liverpool. It was fantastic and very interesting.
We saw a video which told us about The Beatle's life.
The Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King is one of the greatest Catholic churches in the world.
The Cathedral is where the Archbishop of Liverpool lives. This place is the heart of all the diocesan celebration and daily workship of God.
The design and construction of the Metropolitan Cathedral incorporates breathtaking ceremonies.
The Cathedral organ has 4,565 pipes and 88 speaking stops on 4 manuals.


We got up very early because we couldn´t miss the train. When we arrived at the Widnes train station, we waited more than 20 minutes because the train was delayed.
Then we spent around 15 minutes on the train.
Later we left Lime Street Station and we began to walk towards The Metropolitan Cathedral of Chirst the King which I really liked it. 
We visited Liverpool Cathedral which looks very old and beautiful.
Then we went to Albert Dock in order to look at it and to have lunch. We enjoyed shopping a lotand taking photos at Albert Dock. There are more than 20 lambananas.
We also visited the Museum of Liverpool where there are many different and interesting things about the History of life in Liverpool.
The Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King Liverpool is very important for the catholic celebration. It is kwon as "Paddy's Wigwam" too.
The construction of the cathedral began in 1962 and took five years. The cathedral's architect was Frederick Gibberd who won a world design competition with the design of this cathedral. 
Many important events have taken place since the opening of the cathedral like the visit of the Queen in 1977.
Finally, I think that there are a lot of interesting place in Liverpool to look at and visit. I hope we go again another day.

We left  the house at 9:30 am . Then we caught the train at 10:15 am. It took  15 mins. I took many 
photograps all day. We went of the Metropolitan Cathedral. It is a modern church where many tourist visit it. The Cathedral has space  for  2300 people. On the cathedral walls are embroiderd hangings. The stained glass in the windows create beautiful light. When we left the Cathedral we bought some  souvenirs .After that we went to the cementery which is below the Anglican Cathedral.  The liverpool Cathedral  is very old. It took many years to build. The high tower is 53m high.It is made from stone .It was amazing inside with all the stone and wood craft work .
Later in the afternoon we went to Albert Dock and the Museum of Liverpool.
We enjoyed our day .

At the World Museum there are 5 floors. On each floor there is a different gallery or exhibition for example the Aquarium, the Bug House, the Ancient World etc...
On the last floor there is a planetarium.
It's free to get in. It first opened in 1853.

We went to Liverpool to see the World Museum. 
There were 5 floors and different galleries on each floor.
First, we went where there was sea species, the Aquarium. I love it very much. The gallery I hated was about the insects. It was awful and horrible. It made my skin crawl. I didn't like this part of museum a lot because I am afraid of these insects.
Then, we went to buy some souvenirs. 
Just before going home, we went to the Cavern Club, where Beatles played, to take photos. It was full of druken people. So we had to be careful.

We went to Liverpool again to visit The World Museum and The Cavern because we couldn't see everything in just one day.
First, we went to the World Museum which has five floors. I didn't like the second floor really because there were a lot of  insects and I hate them.
As I see it, the most interesting floor was the first because it was an Aquarium with many different types of fish and sharks.
I think that the gallery of dinosaurs was smaller and more boring than in the National History Museum in London.
Later, we went to The Cavern which is a famous bar where The Beatles went to play their concerts when they weren't famous.
I think that this day was very funny and we could see many different specimens in the museum.

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