sábado, 3 de agosto de 2013

SAY and TELL - what's the difference?

-You say something.
         She said that she loves John.
-You say things “to people
         He said to me that he was tired.
-Direct Speech and Direct questions
         Amanda said, “Hello!”
         She said, “Where were you?”
-Reported Speech

         She said that it was raining.

-You tell someone something
         She told me to go home.
-Direct Speech only when giving instructions or      information
         She told me, “I must visit London.”
-Reported Speech
         She told us that she went to the store.
-Common phrases that are exceptions

  to tell a story
  to tell a lie
  to tell the truth
  to tell the future
  to tell the time

1. Can you ---- me what time the film starts?

2. She ---- she would never speak to him again.

3. I promise to ---- the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth .

4. The policeman ---- that the man was lying.

5. Philip ---- it would probably  rain tomorrow

6. Susan ----, "Let's go out for dinner."

7. Jim ---- me everything about the party last night.

8. Our teacher ---- he was pleased with our work.

9. Yesterday my friend ---- he ---- (not) anyone my secret.

10. You had better stop ---- lies.

11. Could you please ---- me your name?

12. The little girl ---- her prayers and went to bed.

13. I really can't ---- Jane from Kate. Theyare twins.

Choose the correct verb and tense: to say  or to tell, 
1.      Ron ______ that he was tired.
2.      Ron ______ Jane that he was tired.
3.      Anthony ______ that you have a new job.
4.      Tara _______ John that she loves him.
5.      She _______ everybody that he had to leave.
6.      Tony _______ to Ron that he had done very well.
7.      “I'd like to sleep,” she _______  him to be  quiet.
8.      Amanda _______, “Hello, John. How are you?
9.      “That's great,” she _______.
10.  He _______ her, “He had never been to Italy.”
11.  The policeman _______ that the prisoner had escaped
12.  She _______ that it was raining.
13.  She _______ me that she would call at 2pm.
14.  They _______ me that they had eaten fish.
15.  He _______ her  to go home.
16.  She _______ him to sit down.
17.  They _______ me not to wait.
18.  When you see Neil, _______ him to take a break from work.
19.  _______ your sister to go to sleep.
20.  Can you _______ a story before I go to sleep?
21.  She always _______ lies to her parents.
22.  Parents don't always _______ the truth to protect their children.
23.  I lost my watch, please _______ me the time.
24.  Do you know how to _______ the time?
25.  Tara _______ Joe to go away.