viernes, 7 de junio de 2013

An unusual experience in Morocco ( story )

Last year I was in Morocco. It was an incredible experience. I stayed in a hotel far away from the desert. I saw a wonderful camel which had a hump. The camel seemed exhausted because it was under the sun with a huge ugly man sitting on top of it.The man who had an enormous belly came up next  to me and fell on the sand. He smelt very bad. I helped him to get up. After a glass of water he felt better. I invited him to my hotel to have a shower. He refused because he had to feed his camel. So I went to my hotel alone. On arriving I saw a poor woman selling souvenirs. The woman told me that her souvenirs had been stolen. As it was impossible to help her I left. Later as I was bored I went to the town centre where it was very busy. I looked for souvenirs to take home to my family. On the way back to the hotel I stopped off at a Mosque. I entered and I saw the same man who I had met earlier.

My favourite season


My favourite season is summer because the days are sunny without it being  cold. If you are hot you can go to the beach, to the Mediterranean Park or to the swimming pool. In this season there aren't any  classes this is the best thing  of all which means  you have time to do anything you want, with your friends or with your family.You can eat all the ice cream you want, but you can´t stay at home because it´s very hot. Summer is different than others seasons because it´s fun, and you are always relaxing.


My favourite season is summer because I haven´t got any classes and I can get up and go to bed very late.I go to the beach every day but sometimes I go to the Mediterranean Park. I often go at two o´clock and have lunch there. At night I always go for a walk with my friends or with my brother. The worst thing  is that it´s very hot at night and you can´t sleep.Sometimes I open the windows at night but when I wake up I have a lot of mosquitos bites, but it doesn´t matter, it´s ok.


I like summer but I don´t like the beach because there are many jelly-fish.
My friends love the beach and there are always fights. I prefer the Maritime Park because there aren't  any fish or other creatures.
I go to Maritime Park often with my parents or my friends.


My favourite season is summer I love summer because I don´t have school .  I can get up later and I can spend all my free  time with my friends and family I spend the summer in two different places: in Ceuta and in Valladolid. When I´m in Ceuta I spend time with my friends, we go to the beach, we take photos and we go to the city centre. I also spend time with my family. In Valladolid I go to the swimming pool with my cousins, we go to the village parties , we go shopping and things like that. In summer you can go to the beach, but for example you can´t go sking.It´s different from others season because you can go to the beach, wearing shorts and in other seasons can´t do this things.


I like summer because it´s hot and you can go to the beach.I can play waterpolo, voleyball  and on the sand and go smorkelling. I don´t go to the school. There are many different things from the others seasons like this:  summer is hot, in spring it´s raining, in autumn it´s very windy and in winter it´s very cold.