domingo, 5 de marzo de 2017


                                                                IS SCHOOL COOL ?

I don´t like school very much, but it´s very important.Sometimes the clases are fun ,but sometimes I don´like them. My favourite subject is Geography because I am good at it . My worst subject is art because I am not very good at it .My favourite place at school is the playground because I can play and talk with my friends. The teachers at school are very strick but some teachers are very good. The school exams are difficult. Some students in the school are bad they can be bullies.


Is school cool ?

I like school. I think it´s cool. Art is my favourite subject because I´m very good at drawing, that is what people say, anyway. But it is a little bit complicated to understand the teacher. He doesn´t explain well, but I enjoy learning new things. I hate Spanish language because our teacher is very strict with our homework.She asks us to do al lot . Also she always shouts at us when she wants us to be quiet.

By Gabriel Carmona Gr:O

Is school cool ?

Pablo Machuca Gr. O A1

Well, I sometimes don't like school because I have to get up early but when I am there it's ok.
I'm good at all subjects. For example: I'm very good at P.E. because I like all kinds of sports but
I hate Science because there are 16 pages for each unit which I have to learn. There are strange
names and the topics aren't very interesting.In general I'm a good student because I don't fail any exams . The best thing that I like about school is being with my friends especially at break time when we sit all together and eat our sandwiches .