sábado, 21 de junio de 2014

Nice to meet you.

Hi, my name is Natalia. I am 14 years old. I'm still studying at Saint María Micaela's School. I'm in 3rd ESO year 10. In  my class there is a peaceful atmosphere. We work in groups or individually and we exchange opinions. The presence of the teachers is to motivate us and they help us if we need it. My favourite subject is biology because I love  nature.
I live in Ceuta which is situated on the north coast of Africa, but I was born in Malaga. We stayed there until I was one. I've got  a brother called Alejandro who is 19. He is tall and thin, his hair is short and brown. This year he has done his Uni enterance exam but he doesn't know what he wants to do. My mother is a primary school teacher and my father is a civil servant.
About me, I'm quiet tall and thin. I've got long straight brown hair. In my opinion I'm a sporty and sensible person. I would like to be more confident. I like wearing formal smart clothes at the weekends and tracksuits or leggins in the week because they are more comfortable and they go with my lifestyle.
I do rythmic gymnastics but it's my last year that I am able to do it because I must concentrate on my studies in order to get good marks so I would be able to get into Uni. At the moment I don't know what I want to be.I'm not shy and I love meeting people.
From my point of view I think I'm a nice and friendly person to meet. I hope I will enjoy my stay here in Widnes and I'll improve my English.

Natalia June 2014

My name is Mayte. I'm 15 years old. I'm always the youngest in my class because my birthday is on the 30th of December. I'm from Ceuta which is in the North of Africa. It's small but it's very beautiful and I like it because I was born here.
I'm still studying at Seven Hills high school and I'm going to study "Bachillerato" here. I don't know what I want to study at the Uni but I would  prefer a science career.
I like horse riding but I don't practise it now because I have a lot of exams and I haven't got any time to practise. I love it and when I was a little girl, I really wanted to have a horse but horses are expensive to keep.
I'm a happy person so I'm always smiling and laughing. I'm very friendly too although I'm shy at the beginning. I have straight blonde hair and my eyes are light brown. In my opinion, I like them because they are like honey.
I haven't got any brothers or sisters. Everybody thinks that to be an only child is the best but I sometimes want to have a sister. I think that when I am older it would be nice to talk to a sister.
Finally, in my opinion, I'm a very good friend and I try to be a better person everyday. Also I love meeting people and  getting to know new people. I want to improve my English in this journey and to learn more about England.

Mayte June 2014

My name is Juan Manuel but my friends call me Juanma. I am 14 years old. I live in Ceuta.
I have a sister, her name is Dafne and she is 18 years old. She has just done her university entrance exam. My father works as a policeman and my mother is a primary school teacher.
My hobbies are handball and football. My school is the Inmaculada Concepcion. Next year I will study 4th ESO. I don t like this school because the teachers are strict and not friendly.
My favourite food is paella but I don't like vegetables especially tomatoes. My birthday is in September. I normally celebrate it with my friends.
I'm very tall and thin. I have short brown curly hair and I wear glasses.
In my opinion I'm a very good  handball player and I really like this sport because it makes me feel happy. I want to improve my English and learn more vocabulary to pass the B1 exam.

Juan June 2014

My name is Pedro. I'm from Ceuta, a little city in the north of Africa. I'm 13 years old, so, I'm a student at the High School Siete Colinas ''Seven Hills''. I like going out with friends and watching videos on YouTube of Minecraft gameplays. It's a computer game that I like very much. Sometimes, I watch gameplays in other languages like french, English...etc. Really I don't understand  but I try to understand  it. Also I listen to music. I like pop music but sometimes, I listen to rock music, because my father loves it and thats why I listen to it. One of his favourite groups is ''ACDC'' or Bon Jovi. My parents are good to me and I love them. My father is 51 years old and he is a music teacher at my High School. My mother is 43 years old and she is a Civil Servant. She gives gymnastic classes to adults and she is very out going.

Pedro, June 2014

Hi, my name is Andrea. I am 14 years old. I am still studying at Siete Colinas High School, I am in 3rd ESO. My class is good because it has people who like to study. My favourite subject is Science because I love animals and plants. I want to be a vet.
 I was born in Ceuta and  I live here. I have got a sister her name is Paula. She is 9 years old. She goes to Ortega y Gasset School. She is tall and thin. She has got short brown hair. I think she is quite intelligent. She likes horses very much. About me, I am not a shy person. I am tall and thin. I wear glasses, I have got long brown hair. In my opinion I am a sporty person. I go horse riding at the weekends. I started going horse riding when I was 10 years old because I love horses. They are beautiful  strong animals. I would love to buy my own horse.
I like formal clothes but I prefer wearing comfortable clothes at the weekends like track-suit, trainers...etc
In the future, I hope buy muy own horse and participate with him around the world.

  Andrea, September 2014

Hi my name is Pablo .I'm 13 years old .I'm studying at "Seven Hills " High school.I'm in 2nd of ESO.
This year I will have  study  a lot .My favourite subject is English .I find it easy .
I live in Ceuta .I have lived here all my life. I have a sister who is 9 years old  .Her name is Nuria .
I'm friendly and funny .My birthday is on the 15th June .I am a Gemini .My favourite animal is the dogs.I love dogs they are so friendly but I have never had one .My sister loves them too.
I love listening to pop music but I sometimes like rock music .I really like playing with my friends .My friends and I sometimes argue but we make up again .
My mother is 47 years old . She is a housewife .My father is 47 .He works in the port.
We are a close family we like being together .

Eating with our fingers.

Fish and chips is a typical dish in England. Today was the first time that I had tried it.
We went to a shop where  they are sold  . I bought a piece of fish in  batter, a sausage and some chips. It cost 1 pound 20 pence. We ate it sitting on a bench which was nearby. As I see it, it was delicious and I liked it vey much. I hope to eat it again. 

Fish and chips is a typical dish in England.We went to a shop were they make them very well .I bought 3 pieces of fish in  batter and chips.It cost  1.70 p. They were delicious.
In my opinion it is a good thing to eat  when you visit  England.

When you talk about typical English dishes fish and chips are very famous the world over.
Today is the first time that  I have eaten fish and chips. We went into Widnes to a shop to buy them. I can say that it was so good although it isn't very healthy.
I bought a cone of chips with three pieces of fried batterred cod.
People normally put salt and vinegar on their chips but I didn't.
We sat on a bench all together to eat them with our fingers like real English people.

Fish and chips. It's a typical English dish. It is fried cod in batter and chips with vinegar and salt. People, eat them in the street like on a bench, or steps...etc. I was surprised but I like it. The only thing that I  didn't like was the  vinegar!
I ate the fish and chips with my fingers which is the way people eat it here.

On the Rock

It wasn't my first flight.Gibraltar's airport was empty .There were very few people.
First, we checked in our  luggage and the woman gave us our  boarding pass. Then, we passed the security control. We were waiting  in the departure lounge when our plane landed. We had to queue  up to get onto the plane.Finally, the plane took off. It was amazing!!

When I arrived at the airport I felt nervious and excited at the same time. The airport was empty.
At first, we went to check in our lugguage. So we gave our passports and our suitcases. She gave us our boarding card.
After that we passed through security control where we had to throw away our drinks.
We spent more than two hours waiting in the departure lounge which was a little boring .
It wasn't the first time that  I had been on a plane but I didn't remenber this experience.
The flight was on time and we took off very early.
Finally, I think that the flight was too long it took nearly three hours.

On my first  day, when I was  at the aiport I was very nervious because I had never  been  on a plane before .On take off  I  felt worse but the moment the plane  was in the air I relaxed . The flight took  2 hours and 45 mins .It landed at Manchester airport
 Then I was very happy because  I wasn't frighghtened any more.On  the way to  Janet' s house I saw the typical houses with garden my English adventure had  begun.

First, at half past seven, we arrived at the port to catch  the boat. The trip was only one hour. At nine o'clock, we went to Gibraltar airport by taxi. There we waited for the plane. Firstly, we checked in our lugguage, passed through the customs and then we waited in a queue to board the plane. Later, on the plane, in five minutes it took off. The flight took nearly 3 hours . We landed on Manchester's runway. Janet was wating for us at the airport and tráiler to put our suitcases in  her car. In half  an hour we were at Janet's house.
Pedro, Junio 2014

At Gibraltar´s airport there were lot of people. We checked in our luguage when they asked to see our parents permisson. The rock was giant. It was amazing. Here we saw our plane land. Soon after that we got on the plane. When we were going to take off  a man took ill. He looked very pale. An ambulance came to pick him up. Due to this our plane was  delayed. Finally it took off one hour later. When we landed we picked up our suitcases fom the carousel. Then we waited for Janet. It was raining so much.There we were in a big traffic jam. Finally we arrived to Janet´s house. I t was great