sábado, 21 de junio de 2014

On the Rock

It wasn't my first flight.Gibraltar's airport was empty .There were very few people.
First, we checked in our  luggage and the woman gave us our  boarding pass. Then, we passed the security control. We were waiting  in the departure lounge when our plane landed. We had to queue  up to get onto the plane.Finally, the plane took off. It was amazing!!

When I arrived at the airport I felt nervious and excited at the same time. The airport was empty.
At first, we went to check in our lugguage. So we gave our passports and our suitcases. She gave us our boarding card.
After that we passed through security control where we had to throw away our drinks.
We spent more than two hours waiting in the departure lounge which was a little boring .
It wasn't the first time that  I had been on a plane but I didn't remenber this experience.
The flight was on time and we took off very early.
Finally, I think that the flight was too long it took nearly three hours.

On my first  day, when I was  at the aiport I was very nervious because I had never  been  on a plane before .On take off  I  felt worse but the moment the plane  was in the air I relaxed . The flight took  2 hours and 45 mins .It landed at Manchester airport
 Then I was very happy because  I wasn't frighghtened any more.On  the way to  Janet' s house I saw the typical houses with garden my English adventure had  begun.

First, at half past seven, we arrived at the port to catch  the boat. The trip was only one hour. At nine o'clock, we went to Gibraltar airport by taxi. There we waited for the plane. Firstly, we checked in our lugguage, passed through the customs and then we waited in a queue to board the plane. Later, on the plane, in five minutes it took off. The flight took nearly 3 hours . We landed on Manchester's runway. Janet was wating for us at the airport and tráiler to put our suitcases in  her car. In half  an hour we were at Janet's house.
Pedro, Junio 2014

At Gibraltar´s airport there were lot of people. We checked in our luguage when they asked to see our parents permisson. The rock was giant. It was amazing. Here we saw our plane land. Soon after that we got on the plane. When we were going to take off  a man took ill. He looked very pale. An ambulance came to pick him up. Due to this our plane was  delayed. Finally it took off one hour later. When we landed we picked up our suitcases fom the carousel. Then we waited for Janet. It was raining so much.There we were in a big traffic jam. Finally we arrived to Janet´s house. I t was great

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