sábado, 21 de junio de 2014

Eating with our fingers.

Fish and chips is a typical dish in England. Today was the first time that I had tried it.
We went to a shop where  they are sold  . I bought a piece of fish in  batter, a sausage and some chips. It cost 1 pound 20 pence. We ate it sitting on a bench which was nearby. As I see it, it was delicious and I liked it vey much. I hope to eat it again. 

Fish and chips is a typical dish in England.We went to a shop were they make them very well .I bought 3 pieces of fish in  batter and chips.It cost  1.70 p. They were delicious.
In my opinion it is a good thing to eat  when you visit  England.

When you talk about typical English dishes fish and chips are very famous the world over.
Today is the first time that  I have eaten fish and chips. We went into Widnes to a shop to buy them. I can say that it was so good although it isn't very healthy.
I bought a cone of chips with three pieces of fried batterred cod.
People normally put salt and vinegar on their chips but I didn't.
We sat on a bench all together to eat them with our fingers like real English people.

Fish and chips. It's a typical English dish. It is fried cod in batter and chips with vinegar and salt. People, eat them in the street like on a bench, or steps...etc. I was surprised but I like it. The only thing that I  didn't like was the  vinegar!
I ate the fish and chips with my fingers which is the way people eat it here.

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