lunes, 23 de junio de 2014

Letter to a friend

Dear Cris,
Sorry for not writing earlier but my computer has been broken since July and I couldn't write to you (anyw. Thank you very much for having me to stay at your house . I had a fantastic week I felt at home, very comfortable. It was very nice to meet your son. He is very cute.  I loved everywhere you took me.
For the two months that I haven't had my computer. I've been preparing my exams to enter into University. That's all for now I hope to write to you soon next time.
Give my love to Erik, your son.
Best wishes.

Dear Maisie ;
Sorry for not writing earlier I was in Malaga last weekend. How was your weekend? Mine was fantastic but  I'm very tired.
I think it's normal. I went to my cousin's home. I haven't seen them for two years so I was so happy. We went to the swimming pool and  swam all morning.
In the afternoon, we ate at an Italian restaurant which reminded me of  you when we were at your house last month.
In the evening we played basketball and we had dinner at your  house. Anyway that's all, I remembered you and I wanted to say thanks because I forgot  last month.

Dear Roberto:
Last month I was very happy in your house, with our friends. When are you going to come to my house? I liked  meeting your friends a lot , especially Álvaro , I think he  is a very good person, except when in the cinema, he didnt stop talking during  the film.
Please write me soon. Edu.

Dear Mary
Sorry for not writing earlier but my course is ending now  which menas I have had  a lot of exams so I've been studying.
I'm writing   to ask how  you  and your parents are . As well I would like to thank you for all everything you did for me when I stayed with you.
I had a lot of fun with you and your friends all week. They are great girls. You are very lucky to have them.
The important thing is that I hope I'll go back again, if you write of course.
And if you want you can come to my house, wherever you want. My parents would like to meet you one day .
Well take care and write back soon
All the best

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