viernes, 28 de junio de 2013

Our first impression of England

  1. My first impression about the English weather was it is very cold and cloudy. We are luck because we haven't seen any rain.
  2. My first impression of England is  the weather.It's very cold and cloudy,but sometimes it's sunny when we're lucky.
  3. The weather in England is very cold and it frequently changes. One day it is very sunny and the next it is pour down.
  4. The weather in England is very cold even in summer. Here it rain a lot. The weather here is difficult for me. Because I am not used to it. In Spain the weather is hotter than here.
  5. The weather is so changeable. I don't like the rainy weather so , I don't like this type of weather.  In the morning it is raining , in the afternoon it  is sunny and at  night it's cloudy . I don't like the changes! 
  6. As it is not the first time I have come I know it´s rainy and sometime even cold. But we're having a miracle at the moment because it is sunny and so hot.
  7. My first impression of English weather was very good. I thought that here, it was always cold and raining but now it's sunny and hot.
  8. To  my mind the  weather in England  is like a lottery.  One day is  raining and the  next the  sun  is shining.
     9. When I think of Liverpool or England I image that the weather is always cold and everyday it was                  raining but today I can see that this year it is different.
  1. The people are very friendly and happy. They say that the people in the north are like this.
  2. The people here are very friendly .We've  made friends here.Normally they speak to us. When we don't understand they help us.
  3. The people in England are more friendly tan I had thought. I was sure that English people were very quiet, but we have made a lot of friends here.
  4. Here the people are very friendly. They always speak to us.
  5. In England the people are very kind and polite. The majority of them always say 'please' and 'thank you' . When I went to school the children always walk on the right and people wait in queues.
  6. People here are very friendly and even though you don't always understand them because of the slang is not difficult to communicate with them.
  7. English people are usually friendly in the small town , but when we went to Liverpool the people were badly behaved and they were rude.
  8. I  think that  people here are  friendly than in Spain.  They take an interest in  us.
     9.  The people here are friendly the same than Spain.. They always smile and speak with you.
  1. I am surprised because people wear short clothes , even summer clothes when it is cold.
  2. I like the clothes here because they're more fashionable than in Ceuta. I love that you can wear what you want.
  3. The clothes here are very interesting. In most of cases you can see fashion able clothes everywhere. Both when people are in a supermarket or in a restaurant.
  4. The people wear short clothes even though it is cold outside.
  5. I like the British fashion because it's very simple but everybody wears  trendy clothes. It isn't very elegant but when they've got an important event they wear nicer outfits.I love it!
  6. I like the clothes here because in spite of wearing the most horrible clothes people don't look at you.
  7. I thought that English people wore socks with flips-flops and they were unfashionable but when I arrived here. I saw that English people wore clothes more or less like Spanish people.
  8. I think that English people wear different clothes which are very colorful.. 
    9. Here People wear strange clothes similar those in Hollywood but it's cool that the people know how to         wear it.
  • FOOD
  1. The food is not as bad as I thought it would be. I have eaten everything I have even asked for seconds.
  2. English food isn't so bad.My family here cook  what I like.Yesterday we had lasagna which I love.
  3. English food is very good well at least where I am staying. When I came here, I thought that I would back to Ceuta very fat from eating too much fast food. But now I think that it´s very good food that we are eating.
  4. English food is very good. I like this food. But meal times are very different than where I live. They eat earlier.
  5. I have tasted many types of British food I like the majority of them but, for example , I don't like the Full British Breakfast because it  has mushrooms and I hate them! So , I like the English food that I have tried.
  6. The food here is good, even though people in Spain say it's awfull. I think I like it because it's homemade food anyway.
  7. Some food is similar to Spanish food. But, there are food that there aren't in Spain , for example stuffing.
  8. In my opinion the food is better than I expected but I prefer Spanish food.
     9. I'm lucky that in the house that I am staying the food tastes amazing.

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