viernes, 28 de junio de 2013

My house.

Rocio (A1)

I live with my parents,my two brothers and my dog in a flat.
The flat has two bathrooms and four bedrooms.My brothers share their  room,but they don't like it.
The bathrooms are not very big.One has a shower and the other a bath.
The kitchen is big,but we don't have a diswasher because my mother doesn't like it.
Next year we are going to refurbish our house,because we are going to do another bedroom for my grandmother.

Marina (A1)

I live with my parents, my brother and my dog in a flat.The flat has two bathroom,three bedrooms,a living room and a kitchen.The bathrooms are not very big.One of it has a shower and the other has a bath.We have a medium size kitchen.It has a dishwasher,a freezer and a small table.My brother's bedroom and my bedroom have a bunk bed but we don't use duvets.My parents' bedroom has a double bed and two bedside tables.We have a TV in all  our bedroom and in the living room.The living room has two tables;a big one and a small one.And there are two blinds and three sofas and two cushions on each sofa.There are  two corridors in my house.

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