sábado, 29 de junio de 2013

Buying a present in London ( Roleplay)

 -Sara (A1)

 Shop Assistant: Can I help you?

 Tourist: Yes, please. I want to buy a present for my boyfriend. Do you have a picture frame  which is not very expensive?
 Shop Assistant: I have a yellow one for 6 pounds and another in grey for 3 pounds.

 Tourist: I like the yellow one but the grey is cheaper. I don't know. What should I buy?

 Shop assistant: For your boyfriend? Mmm... I think that grey is better because it's beautiful and it looks like silver.

 Tourist: Yes? Ok! I  will buy that one . Here you are, 3 pounds.

 Shop Assistant: Ok! Thanks, Bye!

 Tourist: Bye!

  -Susana (A1)

  Shop Assistant : Hello. Can I help you?

  Tourist: Yes. I'm looking  at this t-shirt. How much is it ?

  Shop Assistant: It costs 3 euros.

  Tourist: Ok, but I want this t-shirt in blue, please. It is a present for my sister.

  Shop Assistant: Look, do you like it?

  Tourist: Yes, I love it !

  Shop Assistant: Do you want anything else?

  Tourist: Yes I want this green bracelet.

  Shop Assistant: Ok. it costs 1 euro.

  Tourist: Oh, I want it! It's very cheap.

  Shop Assistant: It  is 4 euros all together .

  Tourist: Here you are.

  Shop Assistant: Thank you !

 -Manuel (A1)

 Shop Assistant: Hello! Can I help you?

 Tourist: Hello! How much are these key rings?

 Shop Assistant: They're 2'50 euros.

 Tourist: Ok! I will take 3 key rings.

 Shop Assistant: Do you like these bags?

 Tourist: I like the blue one. How much is it?

 Shop Assistant: It is 30 euros.

 Tourist: Oh! It's expensive. I prefer the black bag, please. It's cheaper.

 Shop Assistant: Ok! One moment, please... Here you are, anything else?

 Tourist: No, thanks.

 Shop Assistant: Ok, bye !

 Tourist: Bye!

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