domingo, 26 de marzo de 2017

A good place to go


I would to visit a little Spanish city. It´s called Ceuta. I´d like to go to the Royals Walls. Then I can eat fresh fried fish while  watching the  people walk by  and watching  the boats sailing  through the moat . Then in the afternoon  I can go to watch an  AD Ceuta  football match in the Alfonso Murube stadium  , There I can eat what there is in the small cafe  and maybe I can  win a T- shirt in the draw they have during   the match. In the city  centre  you can buy a lot of things along the main street and even eat homemade  taps which are delicious. If you have time you can go to the Desnarigado castle which  is in The Hacho Mountain. This castle now houses the military museum .It is interesting if you like history.Ceuta is small but it has some beautiful places .  


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