domingo, 26 de marzo de 2017

What a holiday

Pablo Machuca Granados Gr. O A

For my last holiday I went to Paris, France. There I saw Notre Dame Cathedral. It was amazing. I took photos and made videos. It was very big and high. I was impressed
Then I visited the Louvre museum. I saw a lot of pictures. They were very old! Also I saw the famous Mona Lisa! It was VERY small but it was in a VERY BIG frame. After that I went to see the Effiel Tower. It was very high and when I was at the top I felt scared.I felt so small. But a few minutes later I felt better. I took a lot of photos because the view was incredible!

Finally I walked around Paris with my family and cousins. I enjoyed myself because people's behaviour's was respectful .Also they  were full of life and light so different from Spanish people. They were polite. The city was more exciting than here. 
One day I hope to go back.

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