martes, 8 de octubre de 2013

Food glorious food


Food is any sustance that gives us  nutrients for our body.
The food can be for you  pleasure or  fuel. I think that for the majority of people food is a pleasure because  you enjoy it when you eat. But there are some people that it can be a fuel. These people eat because its necesary.
They are two kinds of food: fast food, the food that is unhealthy for you and can be prepared and served quickly, for example hamburger, chips, pizza...; and healthy food, that is considered to be benificial for you, they are natural products like fruit or vegetables which you should eat  every day.
I think that I eat healthy because I eat fruit and vegetables every day. But sometimes I eat fast food when I go out.
For me food is a pleasure because I like  the food that I eat very much.

Lucía Guerrero

About if  food is  fuel or pleasure I can say the following: When I am hungry I need fluel - and any food seems to me a pleasure. When I am eating and half-fed/full I need pleasure - and I choose those dishes which are not necessarily fuel (eg, cream cakes )

Lydlmilia Kropinnova 

There are two different kind of food in the world : healthy or unhealthy food. The mayority of people prefer unhealthy food nobody knows why.
For this a lot of people do diets.
In Spain for example people do diets,but not everyday, because the mayority of people skip the diet for some reason : " go out for lunch".
I think this is an excuse to skip your diet, because at a restaurant you can order healthy food, but people
 say : "For one day it doesn't matter". So in my opinion this is the problem of spanish diets.

Claudia Castro

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