martes, 1 de julio de 2014

An amazing fun playground.

Crocky Trail is a children's attraction park which is situated in the countryside of Chester. It was an old farm which has been converted into an outdoor adventure playground.
You can run, jump, slide down.. etc.
You can do exercise have fun by going on all the different rides. Everybody wants to go back again. Eventhough you get very dirty and the next day every parts of your body are hurt.
It's magical place for children.

I think that it was amazing but I hurt my body. We crossed a lot of bridges along the river doing a "zig zag". It was very tirying. Everybody was thirsty and when we finished we bought a drink. Then we did what we wanted, some lay on the grass and slept and others went on more attractions until 4 pm.
You can go with your friends or your family to spend a fun day and even have a picnic.


When Janet told us about Crocky Trail we didn't know where or what it was.
Then, we searched it on the Internet and we saw and attraction park for children when has many games, slides and there is mud everywhere.
We spent a very funny and dirty time there. Finally I think that It would be a good place to have aa good time with our cousins because they love attractions parks and getting dirty.

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