martes, 24 de febrero de 2015

My classmates weekend.

Last Friday, Patricia went to the cinema with her friends. She watched Torrente 5 is a comedy and thriller film. During the film, she ate popcorn and an orange fanta. She had a very good time, and she liked the film a lot because it was funny.
When the film finished, she went to McDonald and had a hamburguer with some chips.

She celebrate Sacriface with her family on Sunday. She made a video for the kill of the lamb. Her father kills the lamb. She ate the meat in her house, she couldn't eat very meat because it had so much salt and that's bad, because is diabetic. She had a bad time because she was ill.

Lucia, went to the city center with her friends. She went to have dinner to Mc. Donald then she had an ice cream and talk with her friends. At half past eleven her mother pick her up.

Ines went to Cabras with her family . She stayed for 4 days . She went by boat and by car . She went to a friends house all the day . She arrived with her cousins.
They make a short film , it was about a girl tha wantes to be a princess .
Her mother wrote her in a princess academy . Then she bacome a bad girl . At the end of the short film she became a princess.

Last weekend Juan Jesus, my classmate was ill with a sure throat wich hurt him a lot. He was at home, all the weekend ill. His mother looked after him. He was sleeping in bed all day. He watched TV. Juan Jesus took medicine which had a bad taste.

Iasin went to ''La marina'' park to play basketball with some friend and people who are in his term then he went to ''La Golosa'' to had an ice cream. He had a good time.

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