martes, 24 de febrero de 2015

Summer holiday

This summer I went to Granada, in the south of Spain. It is a very big famous university city. In summer, a lot of people visit it because it has a lot of munoments and it is very beautiful. I went with my parents and my sister for four days. It was fantastic. I went sightseeing and we went to the Science Museum, it was wonderful and I loved it. There are many places to have fun and a big garden with many games. It was very hot wich is normal at this time of year. The first day we relaxed and we went shopping. In Granada, there are a lot of restaurants where to eat and a lot of shops, etc. There are big chain stores where you can buy anything you want.

Last summer I went to Jerez , in Southern Spain. I went with all my family . I spent a weekend there .I went there because I had a wedding of my uncle . He decided to celebrate there because the family of the wife live there .I went by bus . I had a very googd time . The city wats very small , but was also very beautiful .I went to a small village . It was also very beautiful with lots of monuments and places to visit .The weather was very hot . The hotel was far away the village , so we had to take the bus if we wanted to visit anywhere.

This summer I went to Almeria with my family and my dog.I went by boat and by car.I went in July , to an apartament and I lived the appartament very much because it was very big.It had a small swimming pool and every day. I went to the beach to walk with my dog. I played waterpolo and football with my father. At night I went to have dinner out, to many different restaurants . When I stayed out I often went shopping or to a bar. We arrived back at the appartament late. I also went to a water park, I liked it very much .I took photos . I laughed a lot...
I love the water because I could swimming , snorkelling and playing . I love this summer.
It was amazing
Manuel Guerrero.

My summer holidays this year were fantastic. In July I went to Portaventura with my sister and my father. We stayed at a Hotel Portaventura's park. Apart the park and the atractions, my father has a friend there. She stayed with us all the time we stayed there. She saw the city. I went another trip but this one was with my mother and sister. We went to Madrid and we saw ''El Rey Leon'' the musical. It was fantastic, the singers had amazing voices and they were very good actors and actress. I had a very good time on bouth trips.

For my last holiday I went to Torremolinos.I went with my family,my friend and her family.We went for a day but this day was fantastic.
In the morning we went to the beach.There,we had some chips.We play in the sand and we swam in the sea.The beach was fantastic.The sand is better than the Ceuta's sand.
We went to have lunch in a restaurant near the beach.We only had fish,fish and more fish.I like fish but I prefer meat.We had a chocolate ice-cream.When we arrived to the house and we had a shower.
At night we went for a walk.Torremolinos was wonderful.I like it very much.We arrived home at 12 o'clock.
I following day we came back to Cabra.

                                                                                                                     Ines Mora, 12 years old

Last summer, I went to Conil, near Cádiz with my family. I spend one week there. We went by boat and by taxi. We arrived in the afternoon, so we couldn´t do anything that day.
The hotel was great!. I loved it, because it was big and it had a lot of activities to do: playing football, basketball, volley,swimming,...
It was very good. I went swimming a lot and play volley. I had a very good time. During the week we did a lot of things, like walking along the beach, going to the swimming pool, shopping in the town. The town was small, but it has a lot of things. Finally, we came back by boat.
I liked very much this week, I meet a lot of friends.

In June, I went to Sevilla with my parents, my sister, my best friend and her father. We only went two days. When we arrived in Sevilla, we left our bags at the hotel and we went to have lunch at a nearby bar. I eat meat, two eggs and chips. After lunch, we returned to the hotel where we got changed. Later we went to the auditorium where Malu was going to sing that night. The concert was incredible! She is a very good singer and my favourite. She sang her older and news songs. I love all her songs. This holiday was fantastic. I went back to Ceuta very happy. In August, I went to Arcos with my parents, my sister, my cousin and my uncles. We went for a Auryn concert. Auryn is a boyband. Well my favourite boyband. There are 5 boys and their names are Alvaro, Blas, Carlos, David and Dani. The day of the concert, my sister and I got up at eight o' clock. We had breakfast in the hotel. Then we went to the square where the concert was. It was a very big beautiful square. It's next to the church. During the day, we met lots of people, from diferent cities like Algeciras, Jerez, Malaga, Sevilla, Cadiz. There were very friendly. Now I have a group on WhatsApp with them ''Auryners Flamencas''. It was a very good holiday, it was fantastic! I am a very lucky girl.

In August I went to Malaga to visited my family I retourned to Ceuta two weeks later. I  went with my parents, my uncle and my aunt. I went every day to the beach. I had a big surprise because when I went into the water I walked a distance but the water didn't cover me.
The other day in Malaga, I went shopping with my aunt and my mother. I bought lots of clothes. I wanted a tracksuit, but my mother said to me ''Lucia, I can't buy more cothes, I haven't got any more money'' and I said ''Ok, tomorrow we go to the shopping centre with some more money and buy it''.
On the way home to Ceuta, we stopped in ''La Ca;ada'' and my mother bought more clothes for me.
When we were on the ferry it didn't stop moving so I was ill. We had a very good time while we were away.

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