martes, 24 de febrero de 2015

A famous person

I would like to talk to Miley Cyrus. She is an American singer, comporser and actress. She become famous with 12 years old in a serie called Hahnna Montana.
She's tall, slimm and actually she's blond. Her eyes are blue. She suffered a lot because her father didn't like her when she changed her image. Her exbroyfriend broke her heart too when they split up. I admire her a lot because of this now she is stronger.
I would ask her, that why she change her apparence because. I thing that before was beautiful.
My favourite song is wreking ball, because its tell the story of her broken heart.

Hello, I'm Pablo and I'm going to talk about Ariana Grande Butera. She was born in Boca Ratón, Florida, United States ontho 26th June 1993. She is 21 years old. She is an actress, singer and composer. She became well known for playing the rote of Cat Valentine in the series of Nickelodeon. She has worked two series called Victorious and Sam & Cat wich were very succesfull.
She is thin and short. She is 1'53 meters. She doesn't wear glasses. Her eyes are brown. She has got long blond straight hair. She is very pretty and I love her voice.
My favourite songs from her are ``Problem´´ and ``Break free´´. I think she is a kind and a nice person. She sings and acts very well. I would like to meet her because she is pretty and sings very well.

I want to met Ariana Grande because she is a great singer with good songs. I think she is a good person.

I could be like to meet Taylor Swift. The name of my idol is Taylor Aysson Swift. She was born on 13th December 1990. She was born in Tenessy in the Unit States of America. I love her because of her voice. Three of her most popular songs are Love Story (the song wich made her famous). We are never ever getting back together wich sold about 4.000.000 records all around the world. Also the single from Fairytales album Sparks fly. My favourite song of her is ''Red'', it isn't as famous as her other songs but I love it so much because of the lyrics meaning. She is also famouse because she was number one in the Rich Teneagers singers. She has made two movies: another version of Hannah Montana the movie and New Year's eve. If I met her I would like to ask her how she can sing so well in the concerts and how she makes her dreams come true.

Her name is Sonia Gómez.
She's from Sevilla, but she is living in Madrid now. She is a member if the Sweet California girlband.
When she was younger, she sang alone and she did covers in YouTube.
Their three most famous songs are ''infatuated'', ''comprende it's over'', ''vuelvo a ser la rara''. My favourite song is ''vuelvo a ser la rara''.

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