domingo, 30 de junio de 2013

Inside Liverpool Museum - video listening comprehesion

1. Where would you find information about Liverpool artists , musicians and writers?

2.  The film  about  what it feels like to be a football fan is called ?

3. How many galleries are open on the ground floor ?

4. Which floor of the museum isnt opened yet ?

5. Which is the biggest floor in the museum ?

6. What is the East meets West exhibition about ?

7. What is the gallery that is targeted at small children called ?

8. What type of bird might you find in the Liverpool museum?

1 comentario:

  1. 1. You can find them on the second floor in the Wonderous Place.
    2. It is called Kicking and Screaming
    3. There are two galleries on the ground floor .
    4.Now all floors are open but in the video it says the first floor isnt open
    5.the second is the biggest floor
    6. It is about Liverpool and Shanghai
    7.It is called Little Liverpool
    8.There is a section about the Liverbird