domingo, 30 de junio de 2013

Playing cards

Here we have the Ace ,King , Queen , Jack and ten of hearts

This suit is clubs

 These are spades

There are four suits ; spades , diamonds ,clubs , hearts.

In a deck / Pack of cards there are 52 cards.

to shuffle the cards

to give out the cards

a person deals the cards clockwise

you cant look at the cards

set of cards

a run of cards


                          GIN RUMMY (A CARD GAME)

The aim of the game is to put the cards into sets or runs

1. Shuffle the cards
2. Deal out the cards from the left
3. Give each person seven cards
4. Each player takes a card either from the pile or the card which is face up. Then drop a card/ choose a card from his hand to discard. 
5.The first person to have a winning combination in her hand is the winner.

5. The first person with a set an a run is the winner to do it is the winner

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