martes, 2 de julio de 2013

: Lifecycle Video

This is _______.
 you life
 you're life
 your life

Do it ____

If you don't like your job, _____ !

We are _____ in our differences

Some opportunities only come once _____ them

_______ will help you find yourself
 Getting loose
 Getting lose
 Getting lost

When you eat, appreciate every _____
 last bite
 last bit
 last bitten

Ask the next person you see what ___________ is
 their ration
 their nation
 their passion

Share your _____ with them
 inspired dream
 inspirational dream
 inspiring dream

Life is about _____ you meet
 the person
 the people
 the pupil

And the things you _____ with them

So _____ and start creating
 go on
 go in
 go out

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