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Top 10 Attractions London - UK Travel Guide


The first church in St. Paul 's location was built...
 in 1988
 in the 7th century
 in the 14th century

Trafalgar Square is...
 in central London
 in the north of London
 near the river

Two great ways to tour the city are...
 a double decker cruise and a river bus
 a double decker bus and a river cruise
 a duble decker bus and a taxi tour

Nowadays, Trafalgar Square is...
 a vegetable market
 a vegetable garden
 a hub of restaurants, pubs and shops

The Tower of London was built...
 900 years ago
 100 years ago
 300 years ago

London Bridge has got...
 1 tower in the middle
 2 towers, at right and left
 2 towers in the middle

Houses of Parliament are also known as...
 Parliament House
 Westminster House
 Westminster Palace

At Buckingham Palace...
 gardens are not to be missed
 changing of the guard is not to be missed
 changing of the guard is not interesting at all

london eye was created...
 for the millennium celebration
 for the Queen's jubilee
 for the Olympic Games


Hey, it is your host, Naomi. I would like to show you the top 10 attractions of London.

#10: St. Paul's Cathedral - the seat of the bishop of London today. Five churches have been built here, with the first one in the 7th century.

#9: Trafalgar Square - a famous square in central London. At the center is Nelson Square, surrounded by fountains.

#8: The double decker bus - Take a ride in this London icon, a great way to tour the city.

#7: The Thames River cruise - Experience the city by water. Many of London's attractions are visible from the cruise.

#6: Covent Garden - Literally a vegetable garden in the middle ages, today it is a hub of restaurants, pubs and shops.

#5: Tower of London - Built over 900 years ago, it is a historic landmark. Take a guided tour and learn about its many secrets.

#4: London Bridge - one of the world's most famous bridges. Constructed in 1894, it is an engineering marvel.

#3: Houses of Parliament - Also known as Westminster Palace, it is the seat of London's House of Lords and House of Commons.

#2: Buckingham Palace - This is the residence of the British monarch. The changing of the guard is not to be missed.

#1: The London Eye - Created for the millennium celebration, one of the world's largest ferris wheels is a site to behold.

Thank you for watching our travel video series. See you next time.

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