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Widnes in the north-west of England

Spike Island, WidnesWidnes is an industrial town in the borough of Halton, in Cheshire England. It´s population is of 57,663 in 2004. It is located on the northern bank of the River Mersey where the estuary narrows .  It is 16 miles to the west of the city of Liverpool.

 Widnes  was invaded  by the Vikings in  the ninth century . They sailed up the River Mersey, killed the Anglo Saxon population and formed a settlement named Vidnes (meaning wide nose or tree-covered promontory) on the river's headland. At this time, the Mersey marked the boundary between the Anglo Saxon kingdom of Mercia and the Viking Danelaw. Widnes was a small number of separate settlements on land which was mainly marsh or moorlands 

Widnes Runcorn BridgeLater  the  Industrial Revolution came. In 1847 the first chemical factory was built  and the town rapidly became a major centre of the chemical industry. The demand for labour was met by the immigration into Widnes of large numbers of workers from Ireland, Poland, Lithuania and Wales. 

The name on the crest "Industria Ditat" is Latin for “Industry Enriches”. the crest represented the Widnes chemical industries, of which Widnes is well known worldwide. The honey bees and the bee hives represented the workers of Widnes

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