jueves, 4 de julio de 2013

Invite a friend to spend a weekend with you in Ceuta

Hello Elvira. I'm going to invite you to my house, here in Ceuta. You live in Valladolid, so  to come to here  first  of all  you need to catch  the plane . When you  arrive in  Algeciras and you'll take the boat. I'll wait for you at the port and I'll pick you up there . Here in Ceuta we can do a lot of things .
 The best season to come is in summer. In summer you can do more  things. We can get up at eleven o' clock. We can go to the Mediterranean Park or to the beach. We can go shopping  for clothes, to the city centre, to museums, hiking, to the cinema and things like that.
I'll  be waiting  for you here.
¡Have a good trip!

Dear Jesus.
If you want to visit Ceuta you'll need to cross the straights of Gibraltar. And you will  need to bring  sun cream, a guide book and some clothes as well and a very importatnt thing: your  swimsuit. We  are  going to visit, The  king's square. The beaches, the Dead  woman , the Mount Hacho and one of my favourite places in town, Alfonso Murube's footbal stadium. Ceuta is a very interesting city to visit. This city has many interesting places to visit, when you are here we're going to do paintball in a place called "Paintball Ceuta". If you forget anything go to Eroski shopping centre.
Have a good trip, Edu.

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