jueves, 4 de julio de 2013

My "All Saints Day"

I didn't go to the countryside. I stayed at home . In the morning, I got up very early and I went with my father. We went for a walk . Later we went to a cafe and we had breakfast , but I only drank a glass of milk. In the afternoon, firstly I had lunch with my family and then I played computer games with my brother and ate sweets as well. Then I went to my grandmother's house, to visit her. My brother and I played in the garden with a ball and had snacks. In the evening we stayed at my grandmother's house and we had dinner. It was a fantastic day.

I got up at half past ten in the morning and I had breakfast. Then I talked with my friend. At half past one we collected my friend and we went to the countryside. We walked for about an hour and then we decided to have lunch. At three o' clock we finished lunch. And then we took some  photos .When we finished it was half past three or four o' clock. We walked through San Amaro Park  with my parents . We saw a lot of people and we ate some sweets. At six o' clock, we were at home. I had a shower and then we went to my friend's house. We had dinner, and we went again to the mountain with her sister. At three o' clock we decided to go to bed becasuse we were  tired. We had a very good time.

I went to the square  with my friends  called Alba and Paola, my neighbour. We stayed in my block of flats and we listened to music. Then , we went for a walk for 30 mimutes. We went to the Sardinero. We went on  a slide. Whle playing  with a ball and we listened to music again. At nine o' clock we went to my house and we drank some water. Then , we went to my square  again and we played basketball and football. At half past ten I went to my house and I watched TV.

I got up at eleven o' clock. I had breakfast and I prepared my rucksack , I put a sandwich , crisps and some dried  fruits. At one o' clock we went to the countryside . I went with all my family , cousins , aunts , uncles and grandparents because it was my father's 50 birthday. We went for  dinner at night time . I took  photos with my cousins and their  friends. I had a great time.

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