jueves, 4 de julio de 2013

The London Eye- video and questions

1 How long does the London eye have permission to stay for ?

2.Which celebration does the London Eye offer a special  event for?

3. The London Eye is next to ....

4. When did the London Eye start operating ?

5.What building is   not north  of the London Eye?

6.What is the London Eye ?

7. Why was the Eye Built ?

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  1. 1. It has permission to stay for 25 years.
    2. It offer a special event for St Valentine day or a birthday or a wedding .
    3. London Eye is next to County Hall.
    4. London Eye started operating in 1999.
    5. There are the Parliament's Houses.
    6. London Eye is a observation wheel.
    7. It was built to mark the Millenium.