lunes, 7 de julio de 2014

Keep calm and...Fish and chips!

Two days ago, we went to Widnes,   a small town in the north-west of England where I'm staying. The part that we visited was quite cute, with a market where you can buy all kinds of things. For lunch, we bought a cone of fish and chips in one of the shops. Fish and chips are a typical take-away lunch. People normally eat them in the street with their fingers or with a wooden fork. They can be eaten with salt and vinegar. Everybody bought a cone of fish and chips. We sat on a bench to eat them. I really liked them. I hope we'll eat them again before we go back to Spain.

The other day  we went to Widnes to have fish and chips. Here we went to the shop where there were a lot of different pots of gravy, mushy peas, etc. Here it is typical to order the fish and chips with salt and vinegar. We ordered a cone of chips with 3 pieces of cod. We ate them on a bench in the sunshine . The fish and chips were hot. But the chips were bland. We didn´t put any sauces on them. I think it was a good experience so that I know what they are like .

Fish and chips is a typical british dish. Some days ago we went to a place in Widnes to buy this meal. I had it with salt and vinegar on it. Andrés and i shared it because we weren´t very hungry. In the shop we could see who prepared these dishes whish the put in a cone. First they put the chips and secondly the cod with batter. We ate it on a bench. The chips were without salt but the fish was delicius.
In my opinion this dish is good but it was bland.

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