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Along the river Mersey


1.-It's in the north-west of England.
2.-The regional population is about 2 million.
3.-It's the 4º largest city in Britain.
4.-Before it was one of the largest port in the world .
5.-It is at the side of the river Mersey.
6.-The world's first passenger railway line was built in 1830.
7.-It's the home of two football clubs, Everton FC and Liverpool FC.
8.-It has two cathedrals at each end of Hope Street: the Anglican Cathedral and the Metropolitan Cathedral.
9.-The people of Liverpool are called "scousers".
10.-Scouse is a type of stew. It's made with lamb or beef, cabbage, carrots, potatoes and onions.
11.-It's the second city with more parks in Britain.
12.-In 2008 it was the European Capital of Coulture.
13.-It's the Beatles's town.
14.-Liverpool three graces are the Cunard, the Liver and the Port of Liverpool's buildings.

I went to Liverpool,which is in the north of England. I visited the Maritim Museum, the Albert Dock, The Cavern and the Museum of Liverpool. My favourite place was The Cavern.It is important because The Beatles used to played there. The Albert Dock is very beatiful and it was the most important in England. Martime Museum is about the shipping.

I went to Liverpool, which is in the North-West of England, by train. When I arrived there I took a photo of the city. I love taking photos of the monuments and landmarks. I went to see The Cavern, the Albert Dock, the Museum of Liverpool, the Maritime Museum and lots of shops...
My favourite place was the Maritime Museum because it explained abaout the ships which sailed from Liverpool. Also we read about how the Titanic sunk and how many people lived and died.The Maritime Museum was the last place we visited. But before that we had visited the Museum of Liverpol. There were collections of many important things from Liverpool´s history. Before that we went to the Albert Dock. It was the largest port in England. The first place we visited was The Cavern. It is one of the first places where The Beatles played. The shops were incredible but very expensive. They have a lot of things but I only bought two or three keyrings. In my opinion Liverpool is a great city but we had to walk a lot.

Last Sunday I visited Liverpool. It's a city located in the north-west of England. I went to Lime-Street Station. When I arrived, the first thing I did was to take out my camera. That day I took so many photos.
I visited The Cavern, the Albert Dock, the Museum of Liverpooñ and the Maritine Museum. My favourite place was the Albert Dock because I love water and I liked the Mercy river. I also liked it becouse I found it a good place to go for a walk or go out with friends. Before I visited the dock I went to The Cavern. The famous pub where The Beatles used to play before they became famous.
I visited more interesting places, for example two museums. The Museum of Liverpool which was about the history of Liverpool through sport, music and popular entertainment. The Maritine Museum had a lot of information about the story of the Titanic, the Lusitania and the Mauritania.
The day was so nice. Liverpool is a beautiful city. I was so tired when I came back home. Another day I would like to see the two Cathedrals. This time we didn't have time.

I went to Liverpool which is in the north-west of England, by train. When I went there the first thing I did was take a photo. The photo of a train that was at Lime street station . We went to The Cavern,  The Albert Dock, the Liverpool Museum and Maritime museum.
My favourite place was The Cavern because it is part the  history of The Beatles. It a great place and there were musicians playing their instrument in the street. After we visited The Cavern we went to  Albert Dock I liked it because there was an ice-cream van.It was the most important port in the UK. Then we went to  the 2 museums.
- The Liverpool museum: Here they showed us Liverpool´s history using urban events
- The Maritin museum: Here they told us   the stories about 3 famous boats. They were Titanic, Lusitania and Mauritania.
This day was a fantastic day.  It was unforgettable. I tink that I want to go back to visit  the two Cathetral .

                                                     Our second visit 

Liverpool is a big city.It is very beautiful. On our second visit we went to the Metropolitan Cathedral,the Liverpool Cathedral and World Museum.My favourite place was the Liverpool Cathedral because I like the stained glass wridows and I like the organ too . There was a man playing it.I was surprised because in the Anglican Cathedral there were many activities i.e.  a restaurant,exhibitions.etc.In my opinion the day was very good .It was sunny . We walked a lot but we saw many things.

Yesterday we went to Liverpool again by train. Firtsly, we went to Hope Street to see the Catholic Cathedral. It has modern arquitecture. In my opinion it looks more like a disco rather than a church, but it’s nice. It’s a big circle with an altar in the middle which is surrounded by benches. After this, we carried on along Hope Street to the Anglican Cathedral. Before going into the Cathedral, we had lunch in the graveyard below. The graveyard was full of tomb stones some of the children thought it was a creepy place to have our packed lunch but I didn’t think so, it was very beautiful, with a lot of trees and grass. A perfect place to enjoy the fantastic sunshine. We spent a short time there and then we went into the Cathedral. It was really amazing. It has a new gothic style, with high columns, pointed arches, a huge organ and a spectacular dome. When I was there, I felt really small. I think if a building has the power to make you feel something, then the architect has done a good job. Later, we walked to Chinatown. The gateway is the oldest in Europe. Next we went to the World Museum. It has five floors. On each floor there are different exhibitions. On the first floor you can see an aquarium. I liked it so much because I love going to aquariums and watching the different kinds of fishes. I also liked the planetarium on the top floor. It was   really interesting to see the stars and the different constellations. After the museum all of us were tired, therefore we only went shopping for souvenirs. It was a tiring although an amazing day.

I went to Liverpool, by train. I thought it was fantastic to be here again, because I love Liverpool. This time I visited the metropolitan cathedral which is a catholic church. The next place I visited was the Liverpool cathedral which follow the English church, for the last place we saw was world’s museum is my favourite place, because it had a lot of things and the things was ordered in different floors, we saw the planetarium.

In my opinion this day was a relaxing day because we were very tired because we went to the Crocky trail.


Yesterday we went to Liverpool again. We missed the train because we got late.
There we went to 3 places. First we went to Metropolitan´s Cathedral to the Liverpool Cathedral and finally we went to World´s Museum. My favourite place was the Metropolitan´s Cathedral because it is a very big building. It is modern. At the entrace there were many steps up to the main door. On entering the first thing I saw was the alter in the centre with the benches all around. I liked this experience and I would like to go back again.


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