lunes, 14 de julio de 2014

A recycled farm = Crocky trail

Crocky trail is a farm which is made into a park. The rides are made by wood, plastic and other basic materials.
I liked a ride on the farm which is called the Titanic. It is a plataform which is lifted and it shakes. The aim of this ride is that the person who stayed there without falling off is the winner. It a very funny ride and think that it is one of the best rides in the park. Then there is another ride which is like a raised disc. The objetive is to touch a plastic bottle which is in the air. It´s very amosing but you´ll have a lots of burns. I liked this fantastic day and I want to go back again.

Some days ago we went to the theme park called crocky trail with Jannet and Max, by car.This theme park consists of th rides which are made of wood and rubber. From the start you can have fun because you can do a lot of things. My favourite ride was the titanic where you sit on a slippery rubber and the tipper truck goes up. Ifyou are strong you can win if you arent, you lose. People want to be the last on the ride. Another ride i liked was the space ship and on the trail.
In my opinion it is a good experience to have with thefamily and friends.

On Friday, we went to the Crocky Trail. It's a theme park made from basic materials like wood, plastic or metal. The park which was once a farm is divided into two areas. In one part there are a lots of rides. The other area is a path through the forest, with different bridges you have to cross, swings, and mazes. I liked this activity so much because I think it's a novel idea. Also the place is so beautiful in the countryside. The machines are fun too, there is one which is a circle made of rubber, you have to go up to get on it. Then it starts to spin quickly, so you have to try to hold on and not fall off. Another one, called the Titanic, a rubber mat inside the bag of a lorry, which slowly moves up.The one who doesn't slide down is the winner. I found it so difficult to stay at the top. There is also a house of horror which I didn't go into, a wall to climb, some slides, etc. The day was great but in the end we were tired and a little bit dirty.

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