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Beautiful, pretty, cute, nice, lovely, good-looking, precious, marvelous, attractive, wonderfull, fascinating, divine, radiant, brilliant, exquisite, gorgeous.

During the two weeks that I was in Widnes, England, in July, one day I went to London, which is the capital of England and the UK. It's a big city with about 7 million of citzens. It's in the south of England. We traveled by train. We left Runcorn Station at 8:00 am and after two hours we arrived at Euston Station. We walked all day long. We visited a lot of places. Firstly we took the tube to Green Park, we cross the park until Buckinham Palace. There we waited for one hour to see the Change of the Guard.  I find it nice but there was a lot of people. After that we went to St.James's Park, which I really liked becouse it was so beautiful. There were some ducks and squirrels. Then we came back to the tube. At one o'clock we visited the Natural History Museum. We saw the dinosaurs and the mammals exhibitions. I found them so interesting but we couldn't stopped to read all the information because there was a lot of people. When we finished we went by ruble to Westminster Station, where you can see the Big Ben, the Parlament, and Westmister Abey. I liked so much this area because the buildings are amazing. Then we crossed the bridge to the London Eye.The views into the ferris wheel are incredible. You can see all the center of the city, the river, etc. At four o'clock we took a bus to the Globe. From there we crossed the Millenium Bridge to see St. Pauls Cathedral. After that we visited Covent Garden. Later we went to Trafalgar Square and Picadilly Circus. We ended with a walk round  Soho. We finished having dinner in Leister's Square Burger King. Then we came back to Euston Station at 9:00. On the train I tried to sleep but it was impossible, there were some noisy children. We arrived to Runcorn Station at 11:00. It was an amazing day, and I loved the city. In the end I was exhausted.

London is a very pretty city . We visited Buckingham palace , Big Ben , London Eye , Piccadily circus and many other places .We went to London by train we got on  the train at Runcorn .  My favourite places was Big Ben because it is a very big clock and it is anccient . My second favourite place was Buckingham palace because the Royal Guards who wore a black bearskin hat were there I saw the Changing of Guards .  After the London Eye I saw many radiant views . I think London is the best place in England I was very happy . I liked everywhere we visited . For me it´s very difficult to say what my favourite place.

I went to London during my English´s holiday in July. London is a very enormus city which is the capital of England. Many tourist visit this city because of the sights. We went to London by train which we caught at 8 a.m. at Runcom´s station. I was very excited about visit London. We started our visit at Green park. We crozzed it to go to Buckingham palace which was crowded. After that we went to St James park which had marbelous the view from the bridge. There were some ducks in the lake. Later we went to Natural History Museum which has an exhibition about fossils and mammals. The blue whale was huge. Then we saw Big Ben, Houses of the Parlament and Wedmister Abbey which were colossal. Later we went to London Eye. There you can see all of London. Then we caught the bus to go to got to the Globe, the Millenium Bridge and St Paul Cathedral. They were near the Thames. Finally we went to Covent Garden, Trafalgar square, Piccadilly circus and Leicester square where the people were singing or dancing to earn some money. I liked my visited to London. It was an unforgettable experience.

Yesterday we went to London at 8 o clock by train. I went to london the second week of july during my summer holidays in England. London is in the south of England. Its one of the most famous city in the UK also one of the most famous capitals of Europe for tourits. We went to London by train which we caught at Runcorn at 8 o clock. It took 2 hours we were in London Euston at 10 o clock. The first place I visited was Buckingham palace here people want to see the Chaging of the Guards. The next place was the beatiful St James´park. Its a lovely place to visit anytime of the year. After this we went to see Natural history museum, this museum is giant then we saw The Houses of Parlament is a very important building in London, next to the The Houses of Parlament was Big Ben its part of The Houses of Parlament. After this was the webminster Abbey later we went to London eye is my favorite place because I could see over London. Then I visited The Glove. We crossed Millenium Bridge. Afterwards I saw Trafalgar Square is one of the most important squares in Londonhere you can see Nelson Colum. Later we went to Piccadilly Circus there were few buskers entertaining the people then we visited Leister Square. At 9 o clock we caught the train back to widnes.
In my opinion London is a city which is too big to visit everything in one day you will need months to be abble to see everything.

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