martes, 22 de octubre de 2013

When I hurt my knees

In my live I have played  a lot of sports: swimming, tennis, basketball, artistic gymnastic, ride a horse etc.. I was about five or six yearswhen I started to play  basketball because I love it. I liked watching it on TV and playing  it with my friends at the weekends.
It's strange but once I fell but It wasn't playing sports. It was four years ago.. When we went to the mountain, my parents and I. I was walking with my heavy rucksack. I was looking at the landscape and I was day dreaming  thinking about my things..Suddenly I fell , and I rolled down the hill  with my bag like a croquette.
While I was laughing my mother asked me :" Are you ok?". I was lucky because I only hurt my knees. I was used to this, because I'm tall and in basketball when I fall, I fall on my knees.
Later I put some ice on my knees and I felt better in three or four days. Finally when I was thinking about the reason , I remember that I hadn't  tied my laces.
So when you're doing sport tie your laces!

Claudia Castro

One summer,when I was 8 years old I broke my elbow playing basketball with my  team in Málaga.
I threw the ball to the basket,then one guy came up behind me and he bent  my elbow.
The referee stopped the match and the coach called for an ambulance and my parents. Then I went to hospital.The doctor told me to take some pills for the  pain for 2 weeks . I had to wear a cast on my elbow for 2 months.
So my summer was ruined.But now I am fully recovered.

José Manuel Domínguez Melgar.

I was at a park on holiday in Granada. I was riding my bicycle and I went to a lake. Then I crashed into my friend, but she did not get hurt.
I however damaged my leg and my arm. I cried for a long time but the doctor treated me quickly.
The rest od the trip wasboring because I could not do anything.
When I returned to Ceuta, the wound started to get better but, it took time.

Palma Arroyo Castillo

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