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The Time I Met A Celebrity!

Last year, I went on a school trip to Madrid. It wasn't the first time that I had been  in Madrid, but when I went there the first time, I was so young so I couldn't remember it very well. I thought that Madrid was incredible and so beautiful, althought it is a really big city, too.

The teachers that came with us left us alone for 40 minutes, so we could have enough time to buy presents and souvenirs for our friends and family.

I was with my friends so we were having fun and doing silly things around  Madrid's streets when suddenly someone grabbed my jacket.

A woman asked me if I know where the Alcala street was and I told her that I wasn't from there so that I couldn't help her.

When I turned around to continue talking with my friends I saw that nobody was there! I started to get nervous because I didn't know where I was and because I have the worst sense of direction.

I started running without knowing where I was going when someone very tall stopped me. 

It was Paul Gasol, the basketball player! He  wasn't wearing sport clothes so I supposed he was just going for a walk in Madrid. His jeans were so long and big, I wondered how tall he was.

He asked me if I was OK and I told him that I didn't know where I was because I was lost and that I couldn't find my friends or teachers...

The thing is that thanks to him I could find my friends and returned to  the hotel so:


Too bad that the story isn't true... 

Sara Ahmadieh

Last summer holidays I went to Ibiza for a week. When I was at Malaga airport I saw a lot of people looking at something, so I told my parent go to see what was happening. When I got closer I saw the ex Real Madrid football player Ruud Van Nistelroy I couldn't belive it but I didn't have enough time to take a photo with him. When I was in Ibiza I saw in twitter that David Guetta was having lunch in a restaurant near the Ibiza city center. I searched for the restaurant on internet and told my parents we have to go immediately. When I arrived he was coming out, I think he saw my excited face and crossed the street to greet me. At that moment I couldn't think. When he was standing in front of me. I greeted him in English and we started to talk about music, my favourite kind and he signed  my CD of his last album which  I had with me.

Sergio de Juan Galán

When you like a football, basketball or another sport team the first thing that you would like to do is to meat. The first time that I met a player was in Ceuta I think it was three years ago. I was near the town hall with my cousin who is older than me. We were waiting for my mother and suddenly we saw Javi Navarro an AD Ceuta footballer. My cousin stopped him and we talked to him. He had been training and he was going home. After that, my mother and her colleague David appeared. David is the footballer's friend. He asked him to give me an autograph and he gave one! He was very kind and I was very happy.

Sandra Gaona Duque

This summer I went to Barcelona. One day when I went to the shops with my mother and my brother. I saw the basketball player Pau Gasol. I was very surprised because it was the first time that I saw him in front of me. I told my brother quickly. He was very surprised too. Pau Gasol was wearing a black t-shirt, trousers and shoes. My brother asked me if we could took a photo with him. I said yes, why not. Then we went to him and we asked him if he would mind. He said he didn't. He was very friendly. We took the photo and then we left with my mun. I was so happy.

Lucía Guerrero García

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